Masterchef India 7 1st February 2023 Written Update, Episode 23, Today's Task, New Recipes

Masterchef India 7 1st February 2023 Written Update, Episode 23, Today's Task, New Recipes

Masterchef India 7 1st February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 1st February 2023 episode starts with certain idioms hanging on a wall.

Vikas Khanna announces that these idioms will be given to the home cooks as their identity.

Vikas, Garima, and Ranveer distribute home cooks in pairs and everyone gets a tag in the form of an idiom.

Also, the idiom consists of hidden core ingredients that home cooks will use in today's task!

The time limit to cook the dish is 60 minutes and the items will be chosen from the Amul pantry that will be opened for just 5 minutes.


Everyone rushes into the Amul pantry to get their ingredients while Gulkirat and Geeta support the contestants.

Aruna says she will make the best dish using curd as the core ingredient

Meanwhile, Vikkas tells Santa to apply olive oil to the brinjal to make its texture up to the mark. (Thali ka Baingan is the idiom that Santa gets)

Ranveer appreciates Nayanjyoti's technique of using pomegranate to prepare the salad and sauce along with the fried chicken.

"Rai Ka Pahad" is the idiom that Kamaldeep gets and she uses India gate basmati rice as her ingredient. 

Ranveer tells Nazia that he's already seen her dishes before and reminds her to use innovation in her dish.

Sachin fails his attempt as he's struggling while Gulkirat & Urmila help him.

On the other hand, Santa and Aruna work in pace to balance the strong flavor of ginger.

Everyone starts plating but Sachin fails as his main elements are not ready for the dish


Santa makes stuffed brinjals in Maharashtrian style but seeing her cooking style, Garima gets a bit worried about her time management.

Vikkas tastes Santa's dish and appreciates the peanut mixture.

Garima also supports Vikas while Vikas questions Santa about the usage of small brinjal due to their leathery appearance.

Priyanka's noodles are a bit flooded, however, Vikkas appreciates that she used musk melon leaves, and beans as they came out very perfectly. 


Vikas calls out Aruna's dish as the most comfortable one as she has perfectly used ginger (core ingredient).

However, Vikas, Garima and Ranveer are disappointed with Kamaldeep's dish as it is not that accurate.

Sachin and Kamaldeep's dish disappoints the Chefs as they are reminded of the black apron challenge tomorrow.

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