Masterchef India 7 1st March 2023 Written Update, TTF Winner Name

Masterchef India 7 1st March 2023 Written Update, TTF Winner Name

Masterchef India 7 1st March 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 1st March 2023 episode starts with the Chefs welcoming seven well reputed guest chefs to the MasterChef kitchen.

Each home cook uncovers a Chef hat underneath which the name of the guest chef who will act as their personal sous chef lies.

The sous chefs for Nayanjyoti, Aruna, Gurkirat, Priyanka, Kamaldeep, Santa and Swarna are Chinu, Anhal, Deepinder, Sanjana, Shivesh and Ashish respectively.

The judges announce today’s Amul Holi special challenge wherein the home cooks will act as head chefs and will be accompanied by their chosen sous chefs.

The challenge is to make a 3 course meal that incorporates the essence of Holi in colours, flavours and meaning.

The chefs have 90 minutes wherein, every 30 minutes, one course should be ready.

Swarna will get an advantage that the pantry will remain open just for her for the entire 90 minutes while rest get access to the pantry for 5 min.

Two home cooks will be eliminated from the race for ticket to finale challenge at the end of this challenge.


Aruna is cooking a savoury “gujiya” a traditional Holi dish while Priyanka’s appetizer is a modified version of “paani puri”

Vikaas tells Swarna to reconsider if a sweet appetizer is the best strategy.

Ranveer tells Priyanka to not try and overachieve when the time is limited.

Gurkirat’s first batch of appetizer gets burnt but the spices that Deepinder has recommended are really flattering.

The chefs talk about Gurkirat acting more like a sous chef and hopes he will take charge.

The home cooks plate their appetizers quickly and after presenting each of their dishes, they get back to making the next 2 courses.

As the home cooks proceed with cooking the next course, the chefs taste the dishes.

The chefs agree that Nayanjyoti’s dish has a unique thought process and the flavours are overall working in his favour.

Ranveer feels that Gurkirat’s dish is beautfuly balanced

Aruna missed with the flavours by a very big margin and the chefs are disappointed.

Priyanka’s dish is lacking in crispiness and balance of the flavours but it’s the weakest first course.

Kamaldeep’s dish is not executed as well as the concept was thought out.

Ranveer praises Santa’s representation of Mathura -Vrindavan’s Holi with her dish is very well presented and tastes amazing as well.

Swarna’s plate is way too random and even her concept is fundamentally confusing.


Priyanka plans on using different coloured vegetables to represent the Holi colours in her plate.

Nayanjyoti ends up burning something while he was busy with his pasta and Chinu rushes to help him out.

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