Masterchef India 7 20th February 2023 Written Update, New Challenge, Eviction Process

Masterchef India 7 20th February 2023 Written Update, New Challenge, Eviction Process

Masterchef India 7 20th February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 20th February 2023 episode starts with Chef Vikaas welcoming the home cooks in an Organic farm in Gujrat.

Garima tells them they have to make a brunch spread for today’s challenge.

The captains for the two teams are Naynjoti and Kamaldeep and they pick out their team members.

Nayandeep’s team has Sachin, Aruna, Gulkirat and him while the other five are in Kamaldeep’s team.

Since there is one less contestant in Nayanjyoti’s team, Garima suprises them by welcoming Baa, a former contestant who will be joining their team today.

They have 90 minutes to cook 4 dishes and they run to pick out the ingredients from the farm with Sarvadanam Patel the owner of the farm.


Nayanjyoti has planned an extensive menu for his team while Kamaldeep is afraid that Swarna won’t cooperate under her leadership.

Garima praises the communication of the yellow team, which is Kamaldeep’s team.

Nayanjyoti has distributed the work amongst his team members but when Ranveer asks him for the menu he is confused under the stress.

Ranveer talks to Garima and Vikaas about Nayanjyoti’s lack of leadership skills while Garima feels the yellow team’s energy is promising.

Garima and Ranveer tell Nayanjyoti to stay focused and lead the team with confidence as his idea is amazing.

Ranveer is amazed at the contrast between the two teams, the yellow team making an Indian-inspired brunch while the pink team is making an international brunch with Indian ingredients.

The pink team struggles with managing time as their beverage is still not ready.

Garima advises Swarna to ensure the rosette-shaped dish she is frying is cooked well.

As the last few minutes remain, both teams plate their dishes.


The pink team presents their dish to the judges and Vikaas praises their beautiful and professional plating.

Garima tells they should have not included the beverage as it tastes average.

Ranveer tells them their Pizza lacks any kind of seasoning.

The chefs overall enjoyed the flavours of their dishes.

When the yellow team presents the dishes, Ranveer points out their colours are very dull to look at.

Ranveer tells them that their fish could have been marinated better.

Vikaas has an “oh my god” moment upon tasting their flax seed and chia seed crackers.

Ranveer tells Priyanka that adding the chilli to the desert ruined the perfect dish.


The chefs thank Jayen Mehta, the MD of Amul for supporting MasterChef and letting them use the Amul organic farms.

Chef Vikaas feels that both teams had their highs and lows and announces that the pink team is the winner of this challenge.

The pink team will have an advantage which will be revealed tomorrow.

Fortune dish of the day is the Carrot dish by the pink team.

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