Masterchef India 7 21st February 2023 Written Update, New Tasks & Challenges

Masterchef India 7 21st February 2023 Written Update, New Tasks & Challenges

Masterchef India 7 21st February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 21st February 2023 episode starts with Garima announcing to celebrate 75 years of India as well as 75 years of Amul’s taste of India.

All three chefs welcome Chef Kunal Kapoor while Swarna and Gurkirat cheer in happiness as they are his huge fans.

Kunal Kapoor announces the challenge, to begin with, the opening of a new Amul pantry which is divided into different zones.

Kunal announces the challenge that will involve using different ingredients from the pantry and preparing a dish, while he represents his favorite ingredient "Imli" or tamarind to the home cooks.

Home cooks will be given 60 mins to complete the challenge while the pantry will be opened too for the whole time.

Vikaas announces that one home cook will go in the black apron challenge at the end of the ask.

Garima gives the advantage to Nayanjyoti’s team wherein Nayanjyoti and Sachin will get to work with Kunal for 5 mins while Gurkirat and Aruna get extra 10 mins for today's challenge as their advantage.


Aruna and Gurkirat start the cooking while all the other home cooks get to their work after 10 minutes.

Sachin uses Amul cream to make kulfi while Santa uses Amul ghee as the core ingredient.

Nayanjyoti and Kamaldeep use Pandan leaves to create their dishes.

Gurkirat uses corn flour to cook his food while using Amul cream.

Vikaas approaches him and appreciates his way of using his ingredient.

Vikaas then goes to Aruna and appreciates the smell of her dish while Garima approaches Sachin and tells him to get the fundamental point of the dish.

Ranveer asks Kamaldeep about her dish which is  Bajra and Pandan's combination to be perfect.

Sachin requests Kunal for help and uses his 5 minutes while Kunal asks Sachin to grill the walnuts instead of frying them.

Kunal advised Sachin to use tint and baking soda to add to his dish.

Nayanjyoti asks Sachin to help him wherein he asks him to take fish pins out and cut them in the right position while he is impressed by the taste of his sauce.

Vikaas approaches Gurkirat and sees his dish being overcooked & burned even.


Aruna carries her plate to the judges, "Naivedyam" is the name of her dish.

Chef Kunal is disappointed with her plating, however, he is impressed by her black jerry caramel.

Vikaas appreciates “Khaja” cooked by Aruna while Garima asks Aruna to step up Ranveer calls Aruna confusing as she put up a dish that she has never tasted before.

Garima asks Santa to present her plate who has made “Khaja Thaali” while Kunal calls her plating to be truly representative of India.

All four judges drop their spoons on the table as a salute to Santa’s dish.

Judges taste Sachin’s dish where Kunal finds Rabri flavor to be missing in Kulfi while Garima is completely dissatisfied as he broke the fundamentals of cooking by adding an egg to kulfi.

Chef Kunal is disappointed with Gurkirat’s dish as he does not meet his expectations while Vikaas calls him to cook his food irresponsibly like a child.

Kunal appreciates Rasa of Deepa’s dish, on the other hand, the chefs find Swarna’s fish to be 80% raw.

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