Masterchef India 7 21st March 2023 Written Update, Top Finalists, Today Episode Challenge

Masterchef India 7 21st March 2023 Written Update, Top Finalists, Today Episode Challenge

Masterchef India 7 21st March 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 21st March 2023 episode starts with the finale week continuing with the top 6 finalists as they compete with each other to win the title of MasterChef.

The judges taste the dishes of the six tastes challenge and present their comments to the home cooks based on the ability to mix the flavors of the six different tastes in their dishes.

Shanta gets very good reviews from the judges for her unique attempt with the chicken and stew presented with all six tastes of food balanced in it.

However, a drawback that becomes a negative thing for Santa is the presence of excessive bitterness.

Gurkirat presents a few disappointing comments from the judges as he struggled to make the glaze at the end moment and the texture of his popsicle.

Aruna, Nayanjyoti, and Suvarna present their dishes and get average comments from the judges as their dishes have both positive and negative takes on them. 

Kamaldeep presents her dish with layers of various tastes and gets very impressive comments from the judges for the taste and texture of her dish which stands out the most.

Kamaldeep gets the fortune dish of the day and wins the second challenge of the grand finale.


The judges introduce the third challenge of the grand finale as a biriyani challenge where the home cooks have to take their own takes on biryani.

The judges reveal several ingredients which will act as the main ingredient of their biryani like lamb, chicken, prawns, etc.

Kamaldeep gets the advantage of choosing her main ingredient first and giving other ingredients to the remaining home cooks.

Kamaldeep chooses chicken herself, jackfruit for Aruna, prawns for Nayanjyoti, fish for Shanta, paneer for Gurkirat, and lamb for Suvarna. 

The home cooks get 90 minutes to cook their biryanis and Chef Ranbeer comes to Aruna's counter to discover that she is making a south-style jackfruit biryani with raita.

Nayanjyoti decides to use coconut milk instead of curd in his prawn biryani to give a south-Indian touch to his Kolkata-style biryani to which Chef Ranbir asks him to give the idea a second thought.

Kamaldeep decides to make chicken dum biryani with a Punjabi tadka twist making the judges curious.

Gurkirat struggles to fry his koftas which makes Chef Vikas anxious as he is running out of time.

Suvarna sticks to her traditional roots and decides to show her spice expertise in her mutton biryani.

The judges point out that Suvarna's biryani is on the edge of getting burnt which saves her from danger.

With 5 minutes left, all the home cooks hurry up with their preparations to present the perfect biryani.

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