Masterchef India 7 22nd February 2023 Written Update, Family Week, Task Winner

Masterchef India 7 22nd February 2023 Written Update, Family Week, Task Winner

Masterchef India 7 22nd February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 22nd February 2023 episode starts with the tasting of the remaining dishes made in the Taste of India challenge.

Kunal states that Swarna’s fish is only 20 percent cooked which ruined her perfect Maharashtrian platter.

Ranveer praises Nayanjyoti’s presentation and Kunal is pleased with the flavours in the dish and believes it represents s gateway Northeast.

Priyanka’s dish is colorfulul and bold but is lacking in salt which is undermining all flavours in her dish.

Garima adds she felt her dish felt incomplete.

The chefs agree that Kamaldeep’s dessert is brilliant and Ranveer honours her with his famous tagline “swad agya”.


Amul Dish of the Day is Santa’s Dish which truly represented the Taste of India.

The judges announce that Priyanka’s and Gulkirat’s dishes impressed them the least and out of the two, Priyanka will be the one entering the black apron challenge on Friday.


The new challenge is Fortune Family challenge in which the home cooks must represent their family in their dish today.

Ranveer announces they have a special ingredient for today’s challenge and welcomes all the home cook’s families to the MasterChef kitchen.

Each family has brought with them a core ingredient that the home cook will use.

Each home cook will get an advantage to utilize 5 minutes of help from any one of their family members.

The total time for cooking is 60 minutes, the pantry will remain open throughout and the top 3 dishes will become safe.


The Chefs are interested in seeing how Deepa utilizes the rare sponge mushrooms, her core ingredient.

They are surprised at the core ingredient, chocolate, Kamldeep’s family brings and are eager to see how it turns out. chocolates instead of something Punjabi.

Aruna invites her husband to take help in grating coconuts, Ranever advices Aruna to modernize the comfort of the dish she’s making.

Garima tells Santa to ensure the Thai coriander’s flavour isn’t overpowered by other ingredients.

Kamaldeep calls her husband to roast the peanuts while she prepares the caramel for her cake.

Gulkirat calls his mother to clean the strawberries as it is a time taking process.

Vikaas reminds Gulkirat to take care of the time and taste every element before it’s plated.

Santa invites her husband to just taste test as he doesn’t cook at all.

Nayanjyoti is using axone which has a strong flavour and calls his dad to check as its flavour is balanced.

Swarna calls her daughter to check her dish isn’t too spicy and brings things from the pantry while Sachin calls his mother to shape the dough.

As 15 minutes remain, Deepa calls her husband to clear the counter and prepare the dip while she wraps up her dishes.

While Aruna struggles with her dish last minute, Ranveer tells Deepa to enhance the seasoning of her rice.

On Kamaldeep’s counter, some water has seeped into her chocolate ganache and Ranveer points it out.

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