Masterchef India 7 23rd March 2023 Written Update, Runner Up, Black Apron Task, Finale Date

Masterchef India 7 23rd March 2023 Written Update, Runner Up, Black Apron Task, Finale Date

Masterchef India 7 23rd March 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 23rd March 2023 episode starts with the last challenge of the week accompanied by a blast of twists and difficult things to overcome.

With the 5 finalists ready to face the last challenge before performing the black apron task, the judges announce that a big-shot personality is coming to MasterChef to introduce the next challenge to the home cooks.

Chef Manish Mehrotra enters the kitchen of MasterChef surprising everyone and says that he has come prepared with the mystery boxes that will be the next final challenge.

After the three mystery boxes arrive, Chef Manish reveals them to the home cooks which turn out to be a chiffon gun, liquid nitrogen, and 11 ingredients from which they have to use a minimum of 5 elements.

Nayanjyoti gets a big advantage when he can determine what time each home cook would get to complete the challenge.

Nayanjyoti keeps 75 minutes for himself, gives 70 minutes to Aruna, 65 minutes to Santa, 60 minutes to Kamaldeep, and 55 minutes to Suvarna which changes the flow of the planning for the home cooks.

Nayanjyoti decides to make ice cream with liquid nitrogen with honeycomb candy and lemon cream while Santa chooses to make steamed buns with flavored chutneys using liquid nitrogen.

Kamaldeep decides to make an ice cream accompanied by foam cream and sweet asparagus which makes Chef curious.

Chef Manish thinks that every idea is very innovative, but the dish has to be executed in the same way it is explained. 

Chef Garima accompanies Aruna as she makes her dome with her cream while Nayanjyoti makes his ice cream by slowly adding liquid nitrogen to it.

With a few minutes left, home cooks try to give their best for their dishes.


Santa presents her steamed buns with foam and crystal chutney which gets good compliments from the judges for its taste and a well-thought-out dish altogether.

Suvarna presents her dish which is crab meat with coconut sauce accompanied by garlic mayo and asparagus thecha. 

The judges give fairly good comments about her dish for her flavors and taste.

Kamaldeep gets average reviews from the judges due to the lack of execution in her dish.

Aruna presents her Kerala-inspired curry but does not receive those good comments due to the dome being very cold which suppresses the other flavors.

Nayanjyoti also gets a few disappointing comments from the judges for his lime ice cream.


When the moment of result arrives, Santa gets saved by winning this challenge and moves on to the next week of the finale.

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