Masterchef India 7 24th February 2023 Written Update, Elimination Round

Masterchef India 7 24th February 2023 Written Update, Elimination Round

Masterchef India 7 24th February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 24th February 2023 episode starts with the Fire test Challenge or the “agnipariksha” challenge for today’s black apron challenge.

Each counter has a box containing an equipment representing an element of fire and a random core ingredient representing a pungent, spicy or sweet flavour.

Kamaldeep decides to use her immunity pin and gets out of the challenge.

The total time for cooking is 60 minutes and the pantry will remain open for 5 minutes.


The chefs agree that the main challenge today is not to bring out the flavours but balance the unregulated flame.

Nayanjyoti forgets to bring one of his main ingredients, honey for the honey mustard glaze but replaces it with a sugar caramel syrup that tastes pretty similar.

Garima finds the French technique Priyanka is trying to use the blow torch interesting.

Vikaas shares Nayanjyoti a tip to enhance the pungency in the mustard pearls and numb the bitterness it holds naturally.

Swarna is making dessert even though her core ingredient is the spiciest chilli in the world but Ranveer warns her that it’s balance must be perfect.

Ranveer praises the concept of Sachin’s dish but asks him to be careful that too much wasabi doesn’t numb the dish’s taste.

Garima tells the chef that she’s unsure of Priyanka’s technique as it’s pretty tricky and Ranveer talks about Sachin’s innovative concept and the flaw he in his idea.

Priyanka struggles to melt the sugar even though she has done it plenty of times.

Ranveer and Deepa point put a fundamental error Deepa is making by steaming after cooking on flame.

As 5 minutes remain, Priyanka’s sugar is not crystallizing so she’s switching back to her original plan though it was against the chef’s opinion as a technique.

The chefs agree that if executed properly, Priyanka’s dish can still turn out great as all the contestants begin plating their dishes.


Ranveer praises the visual texture and on tasting, Vikaas and Garima are fascinated by his dish while Ranveer hugs him as he tells him this is his best dish so far.

When Swarna presents her dish, Ranveer is impressed at the way the sweetness of her ice-cream is balanced with the Chili she has used and the other chefs agree that her innovation and thought process was brilliant.

On tasting Sachin’s dish, Vikaas tells him the dish is amazing while the presentation is not upto the mark according to Garima.

The chefs are amazed by the balance and undertones in the flavours in Priyanka’s dish.

Deepa’s dish has a basic presentation but has some fundamental flaws and could have been easily elevated.


Vikas announces that Fortune dish of the day is Nayanjyoti’s dish.

Garima announces that Swarna and Sachin are safe as well along with Nayanjyoti.

Ranveer announces that Priyanka is safe too but adds that Deepa is eliminated from MasterChef.

Amul dish of the week was Santa’s wild coriander dish.

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