Masterchef India 7 24th March 2023 Written Update, Eliminations, Top 5 Finalists

Masterchef India 7 24th March 2023 Written Update, Eliminations, Top 5 Finalists

Masterchef India 7 24th March 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 24th March 2023 episode starts with the first black apron challenge of the grand finale week where the five finalists compete to retain their spot in the show.

The judges announce that there will be two black apron challenges for the five of them and at the end of them, two of them will have to leave the MasterChef kitchen as double elimination will take place.

The home cooks receive a stack of ingredients from one specific food group which they can exchange with other home cooks as per their needs, given the condition that they have to use all their ingredients in their dish.

Each home cook has to do at least one exchange with the others and needs to have five ingredients at the end of the barter.

Aruna struggles to barter her ingredients and straightaway rejects Kamaldeep as she comes to exchange things because Aruna is not ready to give away what she has got.

Gurkirat ends up with both chicken and mutton as no one is ready to take mutton from him.

Kamaldeep acts a bit uncooperative with everyone in exchanging her things.

The judges do not look happy with the bartering that the home cooks do among them as none of them are thinking about their dishes.

Aruna decides to make a dessert with berries while Kamaldeep decides to make a breakfast platter with pancakes and accompaniments.

Nayanjyoti decides to make a pasta dish while Aruna makes an arbi cullet with cheese and sauces.

With 30 minutes left, Aruna struggles a bit with her "arbi" as it starts to release lace for which Chef Ranbir gives her some tips.

Nayanjyoti's pasta-making skills impress the judges as the pasta is made really well.

Gurkirat is given advice by Chef Ranbir who asks him not to panic and get his act together or else his dish will be ruined.


Nayanjyoti presents his clam pasta and gets good comments from the judges for his intelligent planning and combining the ingredients he got.

Suvarna gets average comments for her cake dessert as there were some hits and misses in her flavors and components.

Kamaldeep presents her pancake dish and gets interesting comments as the judges appreciate some of her elements and criticize some too.

Aruna comes with her dish and does not get the best comments as her dish remains imbalanced with her flavors and elements.

Gurkirat brings his non-veg platter for tasting and gets fairly good comments for his flavors and taste.


Nayanjyoti wins the barter challenge and wins an advantage for the next black apron challenge.

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