Masterchef India 7 26th January 2023 Written Update, Safe and Danger Zone Contestants Today

Masterchef India 7 26th January 2023 Written Update, Safe and Danger Zone Contestants Today

Masterchef India 7 26th January 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 26th January 2023 episode starts with the members of team blue (Priyanka, Suvarna, Vineet, Kamaldeep, Nayanjyoti, Sachin) facing the next challenge while the safe contestants watch the task from a distance.

The judges announce that the next challenge will have two home cooks in each team where they will have to swap simultaneously to work together and present one dish together which has to depict the 3 colors of our national flag- Saffron, white and dark green.

The green team has to make the presentation green and includes Kamaldeep Kaur and Sachin Khatwani.

The white team has to make the presentation White and includes Suvarna Bagul and Vineet Yadav

The Saffron team has to make the presentation Saffron and includes Nayanjyoti Saikia and Priyanka Kundu Biswas.


The home cooks start preparing their dishes once the time starts.

One member of the team can only work at a time in the kitchen and after a buzzer rings he/she has to exchange his/her place with the other teammate who will continue from the former progress.

This process keeps repeating till the very end of the day's competition.

The chefs go to each team and inspect their dishes while the teammates are preparing it.


Green team, Kamaldeep, and Sachin enter with their dish 'Green Apple Rassam'

Ranveer Brar says that the ingredients of their dish are very progressive.

Garima Arora says that she enjoyed the green apple in their dish and their effort is solid however some ideas are missing from their dish.

White team, Suvarna, and Vineet enter before the chefs with their dish 'Galawati Kebab with mushroom chicken.'

Ranveer feels that the color white is missing from their dish and is not well represented while Garima believes that the flavors are very good representing both Marathi and Lucknow cuisine.

Team Orange/Saffron, Priyanka, and Nayanjyoti bring their dish 'Komro Chingri' before the chefs reflect the color Saffron beautifully in their dish.

Garima is impressed with the presentation while Vikaas Khnana finds their dish very balanced.


Ranveer announces that Priyanka's and Nayanjyoti's team wins the challenge and earns the spot among the saved contestants as their dish was the tastiest.

Sachin, Kamaldeep, Suvarna, and Vineet go to the black apron Friday challenge elimination round.

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