Masterchef India 7 27th February 2023 Written Update, Top 8 Contestants

Masterchef India 7 27th February 2023 Written Update, Top 8 Contestants

Masterchef India 7 27th February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 27th February 2023 episode starts with Chef Ranveer unveiling a shelf having direct tickets to finale meaning whoever gets the ticket can skip directly to the finale.

The winner of today’s challenge will get this ticket and the challenge is to make an Indian progressive healthy dish.

The total time is 60 minutes and the pantry will remain open for 5 minutes.

At the end of the challenge, one home cook will get eliminated from the race to finale and 3 home cooks with top dishes will get an advantage.


Garima advices Santa to use dates to add sweetness in her dish to make it healthier.

Ranveer tells Aruna to include nuts and seeds in her dish to give it a healthier flavour while he tells Kamaldeep to diversify the ingredients to create a balanced diet.

When chefs talk, Ranveer is interested to see what Kamaldeep’s dish turns out like and is fascinated at Santa’s attempt to make sugar-free dessert.

At half-time, Garima tells them all to stop and each contestant is given a cloche with either no electricity or no gas symbols.

The chefs reveal that the ones having no electricity can’t use electric appliances and the ones with no gas can’t use the stove and the only advantage they have is they can pick out more ingredients for the next 5 minutes.

Santa decides to bake on a stove instead of an oven while Gulkirat grinds using stone equipment since they can’t use electrical appliances.

Priyanka is sure that she can make the frosting using her hands but isn’t sure how to freeze it.

Garima tells Nayanjyoti that his bread must have the right amount of leavening agent as it’s trickier to make it in the oven.

As Sachin makes “Dosa” in an oven, Vikaas advises him to experiment with pouring batter in different shapes.


Garima tells Aruna that she can balance the sourness better but overall the dish is flavourful.

When Kamaldeep brings out her dish, the judges remain speechless and send her back without feedback.

Vikaas is impressed at the delicacy of Santa’s desserts and the chefs love the flavour of the dish.

Garima finds Nayanjyoti’s dish to look soulful and tastes delicious according to all the judges.

Ranveer tells his curry deserves his phrase “Swad aagya”.

Ranveer tells Priyanka that her dish is healthy but the flavours are not balanced.

Vikaas tells Swarna she’s the queen of her flavours so he expects better from her.

On tasting Sachin’s dish, Garima tells him that his chicken is undercooked.


The top 3 home cooks who were selected are Nayanjyoti, Santa, and Kamaldeep, and will get a special advantage in tomorrow’s challenge.

The chefs give Kamaldeep their hearts as they tell her that the delicious taste of her dish literally made them speechless.

The fortune dish of the day is Kamaldeep’s dish.

Swarna and Sachin’s dish impressed the judges the least and Sachin loses his ticket to the finale.

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