Masterchef India 7 27th January 2023 Written Update, Elimination Today

Masterchef India 7 27th January 2023 Written Update, Elimination Today

Masterchef India 7 27th January 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 27th January 2023 episode starts with the Friday pressure test also known as the famous elimination challenge starting in which Suvarna Bagul, Sachin Khatwani, Kamaldeep Kaur, and Vineet Yadav will wear black aprons and compete against each other.

The black apron challenge of the home cooks is to make a dish with the curries kept in front of them.

However, for the rest of the elements and ingredients required for preparing their dish, they have to bid their time in order to get their favorite ingredients.

Kamaldeep bids 35 minutes of her time in order to get the ingredient chicken from the chefs and will only get 55 minutes out of the total 90 minutes in order to prepare her dish.

Vineet bids 40 minutes of his time in order to get the ingredient Paneer from the chefs and will only get 50 minutes to prepare his dish.

Suvarna has bid 30 minutes of her time getting the ingredient Fish.

The bluff master Sachin will have to cook crab and will get 90 minutes to prepare it.


Sachin gets 90 minutes for preparing his dish and starts cooking before everyone else.

Suvarna starts after him, followed by Kamaldeep and Vineet.

Garima goes to every black apron cook individually and starts inspecting their dishes while Ranveer Brar goes to Sachin and says that he did not utilize the advantage given to him.

Ranveer feels like Suvarna is utilizing her advantage properly as she got to use familiar flavors in her dish.

Vineet is panicking so Vikaas Khanna helps him out and asks him to relax.

Ranveer also goes to Vineet when he burns one of the elements of his dish and helps him out.


Sachin presents his dish before the chefs, he has prepared 'Crab with Xec Xec sauce'.

Ranveer says that he loves his presentation as it has colors and shapes and also that he is 100 percent sure that Sachin is not going home today because he has prepared a restaurant-level dish.

Kamaldeep brings her dish next, 'Cefreal chicken'.

The chefs love the innovation and presentation of her dish, however, they feel that the dish lacks salt a little.

Suvarna is next and has prepared 'Goan Fish Boats with Ambodik Cavier'.

The chefs feel that it is Suvarna's best presentation so far but it is not very up to the mark in taste.

The last home cook of the day is Vineet who has prepared 'Caldine 3.0'.

The chefs believe that his dish has both high and low points.


Ranveer says that Sachin's dish was basically a miracle of perfection including every good aspect of cooking and has saved him from the week's elimination.

The second dish which was a miracle was of Kamaldeep as it was full of fun progressive ideas and also saved her from the week's elimination.

Suvarna's dish had innovation and that is the only reason she is saved from the week's elimination.

Vineet Yadav is eliminated from the Masterchef kitchen this week as his dish failed to improve from the last round.

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