Masterchef India 7 27th March 2023 Written Update, Grand Finale Week, Eliminations

Masterchef India 7 27th March 2023 Written Update, Grand Finale Week, Eliminations

Masterchef India 7 27th March 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 27th March 2023 episode starts with the second black apron challenge for the five home cooks after which two of them will be eliminated.

Chef Saransh enters the MasterChef kitchen and introduces the second black apron challenge for the home cooks.

The home cooks get shocked as Chef Saransh reveals a recipe that consists of 100 steps and that is what they have to prepare for that challenge.

Chef Saransh introduces the dish which home cooks have to cook following the recipe. The dish is named "Safarnama" which Chef Saransh formulated after traveling through India for 100 days.

The dish consists of 24 flower petals made from dough and 5 different fillings inspired by North, East, West, and South India.

Nayanjyoti gets an advantage in that he can take help from Chef Saransh for 10 minutes anytime between 2 and a half hours.


As the home cooks start working, Chef Saransh visits each home cook's counter to check on their status.

Nayanjyoti seems to be going at his pace as he prepares the masalas for the curries that will go in the filling.

Gurkirat lags behind a bit in his preparations as he works on his vegetable dishes.

Chef Saransh loves Suvarna's matar nemonia and compliments her that she has made it better than him.

Aruna looks very organized with her preparations and works very fast on her elements impressing Chef Saransh.

Chef Saransh looks concerned as he watches Gurkirat because he is the most behind among all the home cooks.

Aruna and Kamaldeep put their fillings in the fridge to cool which Chef Vikas suggests to Nayanjyoti too after he says that he has left them under his counter.

With 75 minutes left, Aruna starts working on her dough first while others still remain busy with the fillings and dips.

Nayanjyoti gets confused a bit as to what he should do and takes help from Kamaldeep.

Chef Ranbir and Saransh warn Gurkirat about the taste of his elements which seem to be a bit off.

Nayanjyoti makes use of his advantage and calls Chef Saransh to help him with the folding of the dough to shape it into petals.

Chef Saransh shows Nayanjyoti the technique with which the dough should be shaped and helps him for 10 minutes.

The home cooks finish the flower bread along with the charcoal bread and move on to make the chutneys to finish their dishes.


Nayanjyoti presents his dish to the judges and lacks a bit of perfection due to overbaking his bread.

Kamaldeep's dish gets a few negative comments as her central part remains mushy still along with the charcoal bread.

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