Masterchef India 7 28th February 2023 Written Update, Ticket To Finale Task

Masterchef India 7 28th February 2023 Written Update, Ticket To Finale Task

Masterchef India 7 28th February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 28th February 2023 episode starts with Garima announcing today’s challenge, the “Pushp desi twist challenge” in which the chefs will have to make an international dish using the Indian spices.

The home cooks have 60 minutes to complete the challenge and 1 of them will be eliminated from the race to finale.

The top 3 home cooks from yesterday’s challenge get an advantage today.

The yesterday’s winner, Kamaldeep chooses to skip the challenge as her advantage but it reduced the other people’s time to 45 min.

Santa’s advantage is that she can decide who will cook savoury and sweet.  She decides that while Aruna and Gulkriat will cook a dessert, others will cook a savoury dish.

Nayanjyoti gets an additional 15 minutes to cook as his advantage.


Nayanjyoti starts early and Ranveer tells Naynjyoti to think about the presentation right from the beginning.

Raveer asks Gulkirat if just a gingerbread is enough and asks him to manage the baking time.

Ranveer feels that Priyanka is playing way too safe for a challenge in which the ticket to the finale is at stake.

Vikaas tells Swarna to ensure the dish comes together.

Santa ends up burning her crisp and Ranveer advices her to use a pan to do so instead of oven to save time.

Garima tells Swarna that when in doubt, stick to your roots and Ranveer points out that she has missed out in adding salt.

Ranveer advises Priyanka to change the way she has cut the mushrooms for a better flavour.


Garima tells Santa that her plating seems like an afterthought and is not up to the mark but upon tasting the chefs agree it is a dish with lots of potentials.

Ranveer tells Nayanjyoti that his presentation is true to the concept.

He adds that the dish has an interesting yet comfortable taste but Garima tells him that the variation in texture is missing.

Aruna’s presentation is boring as it has been repeated many times, the judges point out the lack of spices in her dish.

Priyanka’s dish lacks an accurate visual representation and the identity of the dish is lost.

Garima tells her dish is not palatable as there’s way too much fat content.

The chefs tell Gulkirat that his dish is slightly lacking in spices and the presentation was too basic.

Swarna’s dish has a communicative presentation and the chefs think her dish is delicious.

Ranveer tells her even the dip she has made can get the ticket to the finale on its own.


The chefs relieve them by telling them that no one is out of the race for a ticket to finale (TTF) but tomorrow two home cooks will get eliminated from this challenge.

The Fortune dish of the day is Swarna’s dish and she will get an advantage tomorrow.

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