Masterchef India 7 2nd February 2023 Written Update, Black Apron Challenge, Elimination List

Masterchef India 7 2nd February 2023 Written Update, Black Apron Challenge, Elimination List

Masterchef India 7 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 2nd February 2023 episode starts with the Chefs tasting Sachin and Kamaldeep's dish.

However, Kamaldeep gets emotional as she wasn't able to present whatever she imagined and that's why judges are disappointed with her dish.

Ranveer Brar consoles Kamaldeep by callings her hands "Indian mother's hands".

Garima tastes Sachin's dish but does not like it as she feels his performance to be overconfident.

The chef judges taste Priya and Avinash's dishes next.

Ranveer doesn't like Avinash's presentation of the dish and smells his dish two times while Garima calls it confusing.

Vikaas Khanna calls Priya's dish to be dense while Garima says that she has missed her opportunity of promoting vegan food.


Garima announces Nayanjyoti's dish to be perfect due to his balance of sweet and crispy chicken.

The second dish, that the Chefs like is Aruna's.

Vikaas calls her dish to be really comforting and good.

Ranveer awards Nayanjyoti with his personal knife and calls his dish to be the fortunate one.

With this, Nayanjyoti secures a safe spot in this challenge.

While the other nine home cooks will go to the Black Apron challenge.


After 5 weeks, Aruna wears the black apron for the first time and gets a bit disappointed by her performance.

Garima talks about Sachin being the constant face that she sees in every black apron challenge but he assures her that he will try harder to achieve the goal.

Aruna gets an advantage to use her goal immunity pin in the black apron challenge.

Home cooks have to go through 3 challenging rounds that are dependent on the "eggs" placed under the cloche.

Aruna gets terrified as she's not comfortable using eggs.

Garima talks about how eggs can be used in any dish while Ranveer wants to judge the home cook's perfection.

6 eggs are the main ingredient and the main star of the dish states Garima.

Aruna feels the challenge to be tricky while Nayanjyoti and Gurkirat cheer her up but ultimately, Aruna uses her immunity pin to be safe and goes into the safe gallery.

Garima tells home cooks about the first stage to make a simple French meringue which should have no clumps and excess water.


Kamaldeep calls whisking the egg white to be the hardest part while Priyanka gets her hand frozen and gets terrified by the situation.

Sachin gets done with the meringue while Chef Garima checks his dish and announces that he has passed/won the first stage challenge.

Meanwhile, the 7 home cooks are left to compete in the first stage of the Black Apron challenge.


To make poached eggs, Vikaas begins to teach home cooks how to make poached eggs using vinegar while asking them not to be fearful of putting the egg in boiling water.

Priyanka uses two pans and gets all her elements ready and follows all the steps told by Vikkas.

Avinash fails in his attempt in making his first poached egg while Nazia completes the task along with Santa but Vikaas rejects both their eggs. 

The first home cook whose poached eggs are perfect is Priya

Kamaldeep's poached egg is perfectly fit and she gets saved along with Priya.

Ranveer then talks about the third stage of this challenge.

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