Masterchef India 7 2nd March 2023 Written Update, Holi Special, Semi-Finale Week

Masterchef India 7 2nd March 2023 Written Update, Holi Special, Semi-Finale Week

Masterchef India 7 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 2nd March 2023 episode starts with one of Nayanjyoti’s elements getting burnt while Deepinder helps Gurkirat proactively.

Aruna’s stress is reflecting in her inner conflict which is confusing Aanal as well.

Swarna fried her vegetable balls that were stuffed by chef Aashish while Priaynka utilizes her sou’s chef for helping with plating

As the time for the preparing the second course gets over, the chefs begin tasting each chef’s dish one by one.

NJ’s dish is celebratory and interesting but it doesn’t match that well with the Holi theme

Gurkirat’s dish has great textures but seasoning is a little uneven.

Santa’s dish is presented beautifully and is pristine in flavours while bringing out the essence of Holi.

Kamaldeep’s dish is a disappointment as it lacks both flavours and textures.

Ranveer praises Aruna’s thought and taste of her dish but feels the presentation could have been executed better.

Swarna’s dish has a unique combination of taste while Priyanka’s dish is way too bitter.


Gurkirat is leading the “maal pua” inspired waffles as he is assisted by Deepinde.r

Nayanjyoti’s has made a rainbow cake that he has enclosed within a layer of white chocolate.

Swarna and Ashish have managed to get their dessert ready by splitting the steps.

Aanal is confident that Aruna’s dessert plating will be elegant as planned by them.

Santa has plated her dish most uniquely by laying her food on a banana leaf placed on a handmade basket.

The chefs are impressed by Nayanjyoti’s dessert which accurately represents Holi.

Gurkirat’s dish is not as diverse in flavours as it should be.

Kamaldeep’s dessert could have been a winning element but failed by a short mile.

The chefs surprise Priyanka with a special guest, her husband as the

Priyanka’s dish is a disappointment as it only tastes of strawberries while Aruna’s dessert impresses the judges.

The crispiness in Swarna’s dish fascinates the judges but is slightly undercooked.

Santa’s dish has a simplicity yet elegance in presentation and all three judges marvel at the deliciousness of the dish.

Ranveer sobs as he feels tranquilized eating Santa’ dish, and feels incompetent to even comment on such a beautiful dish.


Fortune of the dish is Santa’s dish and gets an Amul gift hamper.

The two home cooks eliminated from Ticket to Finale Challenge are Priyanka and Swarna based on the overall performance in the three courses presented.

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