Masterchef India 7 30th January 2023 Written Update, News Tasks, New Dishes

Masterchef India 7 30th January 2023 Written Update, News Tasks, New Dishes

Masterchef India 7 30th January 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 30th January 2023 episode starts with the home cooks and the chefs going back into their own Masterchef Kitchen after spending a week in Goa.

Nazia Sultan is back in the MasterChef Kitchen as a competitor.

Today, home cooks will have to incorporate their childhood memories into their dishes.

Every home cook gets a picture from their past that reminds them of a beautiful memory that will be their inspiration for today's dish.


Every home cook tries to prepare a dish that reminds them of their childhood.

The chefs go to each home cook and inspect about their purpose for creating the dish.

The home cooks share the story behind their dishes while the chefs listen to them carefully with smiles on their faces.

Everyone is preparing an old authentic or traditional dish that reminds them of their parents and grandparents.

Nayanjyoti and Deepa struggle with the milk as Deepa burns the milk while Nayanjyoti has made the consistency of curd very dense.


Aruna is called first to present her dish before the chefs.

She has made 'Semiya Pal Stick Ice' which makes Vikaas Khanna say that her dish is a clear work of imagination.

Aruna's dish portrays her summer holidays which she used to spend with her parents in a village.

The chefs love the flavors in Aruna's dish and Vikaas also drops his spoon from a height (like a mic drop) to honor her dish.

Next comes Santa who has prepared 'White Chocolate Cake Stuffed With A Chocolate Cake'.

The chefs like many elements of her dish but also feel that the essence of coconut is way too much in the dish.

Santa's big brother enters as a surprise from the chefs which makes Santa very happy.

Nayanjyoti makes 'Orange Mouse Dome' which according to the chefs is very tasty and could have been the best dish so far if only it had a better presentation.

Gulkirat comes next and present 'Deconstructed Strawberry Cake'.

The chefs love his dish and say that it is a clear representation of art.

'Coconut Nadu Truffle' is prepared by Priyanka Biswas. The chefs say that her dish is spot on.

Deepa comes next with her dish 'Khoya with Bread Rolls and Spiced Milk' but before the chefs taste it, they call her daughter into the kitchen.

Deepa is delighted to see her daughter and hugs her while the chefs taste her dish.

The chefs find Deepa's bread very off and burnt but appreciate her thought.

Priya has prepared 'Rose and Coconut Panna Cotta' while Ranveer Brar feels that the consistency was not good in her dish.

Avinash comes next with his dish 'Chuda Ghassa' & Garima Arora says that his dish is worrisome because is not up to the mark for the 6th week.

'Chocolate Ice Cream Tree' is prepared by Sachin & chefs feel he messed up his presentation.

Suvarna has prepared 'Rainbow Cake with a Shrikhand" but her dish is a big failure of attempt according to Ranveer Brar.

Nazia comes next and has prepared 'Jalebi with Chana Dal Halwa'.

Ranveer tells her that her Jalebi is not properly made.

'Masala Lassi Cheesecake' is prepared by Kamaldeep Kaur.

The chefs like her innovative approach but feel that the flavors could have been better.


Ranveer says that all the Chefs have mutually decided to give Suvarna and Avinash a black apron which they will wear throughout the week.

If they want to convert it into a white apron, then they have to prepare a dish of the day for future challenges.

Gulkirat and Aruna have prepared the best two dishes of the day while Gulkirat wins the round, saving his spot in the next week's challenge.

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