Masterchef India 7 3rd April 2023 Written Update, Masterclass, Chef's Favourite Recipes

Masterchef India 7 3rd April 2023 Written Update, Masterclass, Chef's Favourite Recipes

Masterchef India 7 3rd April 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 3rd April 2023 episode starts with a series of a new concept called "Masterclass" where the chefs will share new recipes with the contestants of MasterChef Season 7.

Chef Vikas, Chef Ranbir, and Chef Garima will cook their own recipes curated from their collection and show the contestants how to compose a well-balanced and flavorful dish.

The home cooks sit together and take notes of whatever is told and done by the chefs.

The chefs present their dishes to the home cooks and ask them to taste them one by one.

Chef Garima is the first chef to present two of her recipes with the home cooks which are Bee wax kulfi and chocolate Jasmine Paan.

Chef Garima presents an unknown ingredient which is bee wax and teaches the home cooks how to make recipes from it.

Mixing the bee wax with milk gently, Chef Garima transfers the mixture to the fridge after bringing it to a gentle boil.

Next, Chef Garima starts preparing the chocolate for the paan by tempering it properly to bring a shine.

Chef mentions that three temperatures are important to bring glaze to the chocolate which is 53 degrees Celsius, 28 degree Celsius, and 32 degree Celsius.

After cooling the chocolate, Chef Garima dips the beetle leaves into the chocolate and leaves them to dry.

To make the jasmine oil, oil should be mixed with bloomed Jasmine leaves and leave it to let the flavors infuse into the oil.

Then the oil is put on the paan and spread evenly on the half-exposed side completing the recipe.

Chef Garima brings out the mixture of bee wax and milk and pours the mixture into kulfi molds to let them set.

For plating, Chef Garima uses pollen crumbles for some crunchiness and finishes the kulfi recipe.


Chef Vikas joins Chef Garima and shows the home cooks six different techniques of cooking things and how they refine the taste and flavors in your dish.

The first technique shown by Chef Vikas is confi in which an ingredient is cooked while submerged in oil.

After leaving the garlic to bake in oil, Chefs show the second technique of making a Purée of carrot in the correct way.

The third technique used is called Boque garney where the specs are tied in a muslin cloth and submerged into the dish to bring the flavors.

After cutting the vegetable into a diamond shape and frying them with light seasoning, the chefs use the last technique of paper cooking by cooking asparagus with a bit of oil and garlic.

The home cooks taste the dish after all the components are assembled by the chefs on the plate.


The chefs introduce a fun game where one person has to make the other person guess the name of a dish by giving hints but they cannot say certain words.

Priyanka and Sachin succeed in making each other guess the dishes but Gurkirat and Nayanjyoti seem to struggle despite being best buddies.

End of Today's MasterChef 3rd April 2023 Episode.

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