Masterchef India 7 3rd March 2023 Written Update, Ticket to Finale Winning Names

Masterchef India 7 3rd March 2023 Written Update, Ticket to Finale Winning Names

Masterchef India 7 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 3rd March 2023 episode starts with the final challenge, the ultimate pressure test, in race for ticket to finale which is led by Chef Garima who is in her apron today.

The challenge is Garima’s “ode to millets of India” as she prepares an edible caramelized bowl filled with other 5 elements that are also made from millets.

The home cooks are to recreate it just as it is in taste, texture and presentation within 90 minutes.

The winner from yesterday’s challenge, Santa gets an advantage that Garima will make the millet cake for her.


Kamaldeep and Aruna are confident as they use Millets frequently in her kitchen.

Gurkirat is comfortable with a few of the elements while a few are new to him.

Garima tells the other chefs that Millets are unforgiving and need to be carried out precisely

Ranveer is confident about Nayanjyoti who pays detail to attention which is necessary for the challenge.

Garima tells Gurkirat to tastes the things as he cooks as natural ingredients can differ in flavours.

Aruna’s sugar is not cooked properly and Ranveer demonstrates her a trick to flatten the dough.

Ranveer tells Kamaldeep to take a margin in the time she is allotting to the elements that are tricky to rectify any mistakes she makes it the process.

Garima tells Santa to redo her millet bowl while Vikaas tells Nayanjyoti to be less anxious or he will mess up.

The first millet bowl Nayanjyoti makes, breaks but the second one turns out fine.

As the last 15 minute remain, Nayanjyoti’s cake is undercooked on one side and Garima advices him to cut it into smaller pieces and bake it.

Santa made a mistake by keeping her millet bowl for the end and not getting a chance to redo it.


Aruna’s dish is a bit of disappointment as it is neither and accurate representation but also lacking in several aspects including an undercooked cake.

Santa’s dish has some elements that are delicious but a few elements are not up to the mark.

Nayanjyoti’s dish has balanced flavours that was in Garima’s dish and impresses all the judges.

The elements are beautifully combined in Kamaldeep’s dish and there is a perfect balance.

Gurkirat’s elements are not close to the original dish and there is uneven consistency.


The top 2 dishes were of Nayanjyoti and Kamaldeep that were closest to Garima’s dish.

Garima announces that Kamaldeep won the ticket to finale challenge, making her the first finalist of MasterChef India Season 7.

Fortune dish of the day was Kamladeep’s dish.

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