Masterchef India 7 5th April 2023 Written Update, Chef Ranveer & Chef Vikas takes Masterclass

Masterchef India 7 5th April 2023 Written Update, Chef Ranveer & Chef Vikas takes Masterclass

Masterchef India 7 5th April 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 5th April 2023 episode starts with the third session of the new series called "Masterclass" where the chefs show tasty recipes and techniques to the home cooks.

Chef Vikas and Chef Ranveer appear together and talk about textures as the main theme of today's episode as they will teach the home cooks how they can extract various textures from an ingredient for which Chef Ranveer chooses potato.

Chef Ranveer shows how potatoes can be used in different textures by altering the preparation method and how each technique brings out a different angle and taste of the potato.

Chef Vikas shows the home cooks how they can use citrus flavors in a dish and highlight the taste by proposing the different levels of tanginess given by lemons, oranges, etc.

First Chef Ranbir comes and shows the recipe for Purple Potato Panacotta to show the various textures of potatoes like creaminess, fried, and savoriness.

The chef makes a pannacotta of purple potato and potato churros to give crunchiness to the dish.

For plating, Chef adds some more elements like a berry sauce and a potato toile which is shaped like feathers.

The home cooks taste the dish and compliment the taste and flavors of the dessert.


Next comes Chef Vikas who shows a recipe full of citrus flavors.

The first element is the lemon cream custard, the second is the orange almond cookies and a zest lemon tart.

Chef Vikas uses egg yolk and lemon juice to make the lemon custard and makes the cookies with orange zest and almond flour.

Chef Vikas completes the dish by baking the tart and plating the dish with the help of lemon cream and cookies.

The home cooks are amazed by the taste of the dish and drop their spoons while imitating Chef Ranbir to honor Chef Vikas.


The chefs present a game to the home cooks where they will hear the sound of a food ingredient while being blindfolded through headphones and have to guess the name of that item.

Chef Vikas guesses the sound very easily as Chef Ranbir produces them to let Chef Vikas guess.

However, Aruna, Gurkirat, and Sachin play horribly as they fail to guess any sounds.

However, Deepa shows extraordinary talent and guesses the correct ingredients as Santa makes the sounds in front of the mic.

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