Masterchef India 7 6th April 2023 Written Update, 4th Session of Masterclass

Masterchef India 7 6th April 2023 Written Update, 4th Session of Masterclass

Masterchef India 7 6th April 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 6th April 2023 episode starts with the fourth session of the exclusive "Masterclass" series powered by the chefs where the home cooks watch the chefs make dishes using exclusive techniques.

Chapter 1 Harvest on the Plate

Chef Vikas Khanna welcomes the contestants and tells them that they are going to make a dish called 'Harvest on the plate'.

At first, he takes a whole pineapple and dices it while asking the contestants if they have any memories of Harvest.

One contestant talks about how she used to celebrate Pongal which is the biggest harvest festival.

Chef Vikas further sautes the diced pineapple into a pan with Urad Dal and Chana Dal 2 tablespoons and along with a spoonful of Methi Seeds, Ginger, Hing, and Chilli with a couple of curry leaves.

After sauteing it for a few minutes, Chef Vikas adds coconut milk into it along with salt to taste and turmeric powder.

Afterward, Chef Vikas grinds it into a paste and says that they are going to make a special type of rice which will be a mix of three grains.

He further dices half-riped, half-raw mango into small dices.

As a note, Vikas says that one should not directly put the grains into hot water since they do not hydrate and start cooking the grains directly.

Chef Vikas goes on to add the Parle Barley, Foxtail Millet, and Kodo Millet into a pan to cook while talking about how vastly different rice and millet are grown.

The grains are left to simmer while Chef Vikas sautes onion, diced mango, and three types of capsicums in the pan.

Another chef asks Vikas what is the best compliment is as a Michelin star chef and he states that it was when an elderly who had never gone to any restaurant came to his restaurant and said that the food tastes like a home-cooked meal.

Vikas Khanna goes on to add the multigrain pulao to the sauted mango and let it cook on another stove.

Afterward, Chef Vikas makes a special papad out of purple potato by slicing it into a teardrop shape and arranging it like a flower.

He also makes a ready-to-eat pickle from Mustard seeds boiled in vinegar.

In the end, Vikas plates the Dish with Pulao on top of the coconut curry with the papad crown and instant pickle.

Chapter 2 Simplifying Complex Words

Chef Vikas Khanna and Ranbir tell the contestants that they know some complex words scare the contestants sometimes which is why they are going to simplify it for them.

They inform them about techniques such as encrusting layer Beurre Blanc, Searing, and Chiffonade and their importance while also giving a live demonstration.

They name the dish 'Fish Dil Khush' which has Beurre Blanc with seared fish in Dil oil and garnished with chiffonade baby spinach.

Chapter 3 Monochrome

Chef Ranbeer makes an instant microwave chiffon cake with beetroot flavor and tells the contestants that this dish will be based fully on colors.

Constant Priyanka helps in making a raspberry gnash while Chef Ranbeer makes Firni out of Chakhao rice.

He adds the ground powder out of Chakhao powder into the milk while continuously whisking it.

The chef puts the mousse molds in the blast freezer while putting a bit of butter on top of the Firni so that hard crust does not form.

In the end, the chef plates the dish and has the contestants taste it while naming the dish 'Monochrome'.

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