Masterchef India 7 6th February 2023 Written Update, Today's Task, Team Challenge

Masterchef India 7 6th February 2023 Written Update, Today's Task, Team Challenge

Masterchef India 7 6th February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 6th February 2023 episode starts with Ranveer Brar announcing the game where four options are available on the tv screen and the home cooks are given a slate to write the answer and whoever answers first will be given to choosing the core ingredient.

Gurkirat answers the first question and wins berries as his core ingredient.

Kamaldeep, Sachin, and Deepa are the next winners & Kamal choose fresh sorghum, Sachin chooses raspberry, and Deepa chooses Amul cheese.

Nazia and Priyanka choose nectarines and Brazil nuts respectively, while Aruna chooses black carrots as core ingredients.

Nayan choose lamb while Priya chooses nutritional yeast.

Santa chooses chicken as her core ingredient, while with no other option left, Swarna is given Kashmiri garlic.

Meanwhile, Ranveer brings 'Pressure Pro Max' and the timer on it acts as a timer bomb. 

As soon as the challenge begins timer will start and it will burst after 20 mins.

Vikkas tells home cooks that the challenge will be get completed in 60 minutes.


Aruna makes a black carrot marble and cake since her core ingredient is black carrot.

Garima approaches Gurkirat and tells her the difference between instant coffee and fresh coffee.

Garima then goes to Kamaldeep and asks her to focus on the elements.

Ranveer announces that the Amul pantry will now be open for the next 40 minutes and this relaxes the home cooks.

Sachin uses his brain to steam the cake instead of baking it.

Priya opens the oven and her chips get completely fried while Garima tells her to focus on the work as she doesn't have enough time.

Vikkas approaches Aruna and asks her to prepare crunchy elements with it.

Garima tells Nayanjyoti to use butter as a base for cooking lamb.

Priya's chips again get burned in the oven, in the same way, Priyanka's cookies also get fried.


Kamaldeep brings her dish to the table AND Ranveer likes the plating very much.

Vikaas tastes the dish and feels it to be nice. 

Ranveer smells the bite of the cake prepared by Priyanka while Garima is disappointed as her core ingredient is not visible in the dish.

Nayanjyoti brings up his dish where Ranveer feels that the lamb is overcooked.

Ranveer finds his presentation to be great as all the items are clearly visible.

Ranveer and Garima like Aruna's dish very much as all her items are accurately cooked.

They also like Gurkirat's presentation of the dish, while Ranveer is a little disappointed with the balance between the cake and the ganache. 

Judges find Nazia's dish to be uncooked and Santa's dish to be overdone while for Sachin, judges comment on him that this is not the trial kitchen.

Ranveer does not want to taste Priya's dish as the dish appears to be not well presented.


Garima announces the first winner to be Aruna and saves her in the challenge and Ranveer announces the second winner to be saved is Kamaldeep Kaur.

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