Masterchef India 7 6th January 2023 Written Update, Selected Contestants Today

Masterchef India 7 6th January 2023 Written Update, Selected Contestants Today

Masterchef India 7 6th January 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 6th January 2023 episode starts with the second batch of contestants fighting to get into the top 16 race.

Garima is on the round, and she tells Sakshi that she needs to start the plating because time is running out.

Vikas announces that only 1 minute is left before they have to present their dishes in the most perfect manner possible. 

Time for tasting.

Nayanjyoti is called upon first, he has prepared Passionfruit Frangipane Tart including cheese and white chocolate. 

Ranveer says that he appreciates him trying to create a conventional dish even though he belongs to a very small village.

Next in line is Kamaldeep, who has prepared Olenji chicken with sticky rice and Radish salad.

Vikaas says that it is one of his favorite dishes ever on MasterChef.

Meanwhile, Ranveer goes to the apron shelf and picks out her apron and hands it to her, welcoming Kamaldeep into the top 16 race.

Next up is Priya who has made Kashmiri Chokh Vangun. 

The chefs then call upon Purmina, Vineet, and Shubojeet together for tasting their dishes.

Vikaas says that Shubojeej's dish was too spicy, but Ranveer disagrees and says that his dish Lal jhol should contain a lot of spice.

The next to present her dish is Dyuti Banerjee who has made poetry with potol platter.

Now it is time to announce the Apron winners.

The 7th Apron goes to Nayanjyoti and the 8th Apron is won by Dyuti Banerjee.

Priya has won the 9th MasterChef apron while Vineet takes away the 10th apron.

Shobojeet is on standby.

The chefs thank the remaining cooks for celebrating food with them.

Now it is time for the last Batch of 12 cooks to prepare a dish that reflects them.

The time starts and all the contestants struggle to earn their way into the top 16.

Garima, Vikaas, and Ranveer go on and checks on all contestants individually. 

Time to taste the dishes.

Sind to Mexico is prepared by Sachin who has combined both cuisines. 

Next are Yashu and Avnini who present their dishes in front of the chefs.

The next called contestant is Suvarna who has prepared Maharashtrian masswadi.

Next is Deepa who has made sweet water bread with Sindhi bread.

Deepa's poetic dish earns her way to the apron beforehand and she becomes the 11th contestant who is in the top 16 race.

Now it is time for the results.

12th apron is won by Suvarna Bagul and the 13th apron is taken by Yashu Verma.

Sachin wins the 14th apron while Avini is on standby.

The remaining contestants are not selected and are thanked for sharing their pieces of work with the chefs.

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