Masterchef India 7 7th February 2023 Written Update, New Task, Eviction Week Challenge

Masterchef India 7 7th February 2023 Written Update, New Task, Eviction Week Challenge

Masterchef India 7 7th February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 7th February 2023 episode starts with the home cooks arriving in Powai, a local offsite, as today is a chance for them to experience another new kitchen.

The three chefs emerge from inside the food truck instead of already being there when the home cooks arrive.

Vikas Khanna welcomes all of them to Barbank, Powai, and begins today’s challenge.

The challenge for the day involves a fascinating twist from the usual ones.

Divided into teams, the home cooks will be selling their food on the food trucks to real customers and the team with the most master chef currency will be safe in the next round.

The customers are going to be there after 90 minutes.

There’s a black box inside which there are 3 cuisines that are picked by one member of each team.


Nayanjyoti decides the Asian menu for the Red team having Priyanka and Swarna.

From the blue team, Sachin is excited to cook American cuisine with Priya and Nazia.

Deepa, Santa, and Gurkirat, the green team, plan a simplistic Mexican menu.

Chef Ranveer Brar asks the Red team to consider 3 things in their menu- the price of their drinks, the variety of dishes, and the lack of dessert.

Garima finds the Blue team’s menu to be very interesting.

She asks them why they haven’t compared with their competitors and asks to make their menu more intensive.

As 30 minutes remain the blue team fears of time shortage.

Chef Vikaas asks the green team to speed up to ensure their American dream doesn’t turn into an American nightmare.

Observing each teams cooking, the Chefs have a quick chat.

Ranveer is impressed at the Red team’s enthusiasm and coordination, he mentions he’s only worried about their short menu.

Chef Vikas adds their catchy menu is a good strategy.

Ranveer mentions Priyanka’s natural leadership qualities have become clear while Garima expresses how Gurkirat has leadership potential but falls short at some level.

Sachin is optimistic about the green team’s success and is sure of good business.

When 5 mintues remain, Ranveer asks the Red team to clean their kitchen while Vikkas is worried as the green team’s chicken is still uncooked.

Garima tells the blue team to cool their drinks immediately.

The customers arrive and one member from each team stands outside the truck to greet the customers.

While there are plenty of customers at the blue and green team’s counter, Gurkirat offers free hugs as a selling strategy. 

Red team’s main dish, Bao, remains uncooked and customers are leaving their counter.

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