Masterchef India 7 7th March 2023 Written Update, New Challenge, Race to Ticket to Finale Ensues

Masterchef India 7 7th March 2023 Written Update, New Challenge, Race to Ticket to Finale Ensues

Masterchef India 7 7th March 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 7th March 2023 episode starts with the continued challenges in Abu Dhabi with the remaining four contestants still valid for the race to get the ticket for the finale.

The judges announce that the contestants will face a mystery box challenge that day which will come with a special twist for the contestants.

Priyanka, Nayanjyoti, Santa, Aruna, and Gurkirat get ready for the challenge as the judges reveal the boxes which contain a core ingredient that will be the highlight of that contestant's dish.

However, each ingredient comes with a limited timeline and to get more time, the contestants have to accept one more ingredient adding 15 mins more to the total cooking time.

The first ingredient is revealed Arabic black lime which comes with a cooking time of 45 mins.

As the judges ask the contestants if they want an additional 15 mins with another ingredient, Priyanka decides to settle with 45 mins and black lime.

However, the second ingredient turns out to be dates making Priyanka regret her decision while the other four contestants get 60 mins to cook.

No one takes the third ingredient with 75 mins time to cook which turns out to be Amul paneer.

Everyone starts cooking while Priyanka waits till 15 mins pass as she will get 45 mins to cook her dish.

Aruna decides to make an Iranian dish with black lime and saffron rice with a date sauce while Chef Ranbeer tells her that she should elevate the dish with her own colors and flavors.

Nayanjyoti prepares to make a grilled fish dish with Arabic lime and a dates sauce.

Santa makes a dates roll with Arabic lime syrup with a frosting of Jetar leaves where Chef Vikas likes the syrup after tasting it.

Priyanka decides to make a cheesecake with the flavors of black lime with two types of syrups but Chef Ranbeer warns her that 45 mins will be short to give justice to her dish.

After 30 mins pass, the judges come to watch Priyanka's counter and point out that the cheesecake is not baked from the inside which makes Priyanka panic a bit.

With 10 mins left, everyone gets busy plating the dish while some contestants are yet to get their elements ready.


Gurkirat presents his dish first and gets a load of compliments from the judges about his attempt to portray the taste of black lime in his dish.

Nayanjyoti does not get positive comments as the judges find it difficult to make out the flavors of black lime in his fish dish along with inadequate plating.

Santa gets a lot of positive comments with her dates roll and Chef Ranbeer compliments the syrup with excitement making Santa happy and satisfied.

Priyanka presents her Baklava cheesecake and gets mediocre comments with both positive and negative sides.

Aruna comes with her dish and gets average comments as her dish does not come out as extraordinary.


As the result time comes, Santa gets the dish of the day and she will get an advantage in the future.

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