Masterchef India 7 8th February 2023 Written Update, Task Winners, Safe Contestants

Masterchef India 7 8th February 2023 Written Update, Task Winners, Safe Contestants

Masterchef India 7 8th February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 8th February 2023 episode starts with huge crowds of customers waiting outside each food truck.

The food truck team challenge continues as the teams feel the pressure building up.

The Red team faces a challenge as water keeps entering their steamer and they are unable to cook bao easily.

Later, they decide to add dessert to their menu.


Priyanka advocates for the customers of her team.

Meanwhile, Deepa presents the Blue team’s dishes to the judges as Ranveer mentions the burritos are still uncooked so she has to bring them again.

Sachin offers discounts to the customers because he’s determined to make their team win.

The Chefs decide that only Churros are worth buying from the Blue team’s menu after tasting all their dishes.

The Blue team changes their drink from watermelon to lemon mojito as they run out of watermelon and the chefs praise this move.

The Red team’s drink is a hit and they are receiving a lot of tips but they struggle, as the drink is nearly over.

The Green team’s chicken is undercooked when Sachin presents all their dishes and Chef Vikkas is disappointed that despite his warnings they made this mistake.

Priyanka promotes her noodles as she realizes their price is higher.

Chef Ranveer decides to check on the Red team as their platter is still not presented to the judges and tells them to get things in order.

Chef Garima praises the plating of the Red team and the other chefs agree.

They all also praise the high quality and taste of the Red team’s food and feel they have elevated the food truck experience.

Chef Ranveer announces the remaining 5 minutes and yet the demands of customers at each food truck are intense.

The teams begin to stash their money in their boxes but each team has a lot of money they were not able to put in, due to the high customer demands till the very end.


The Chefs begin by praising the best dishes in each team – bao and dessert made by the Red team, the potato wedges made by the Green team, and the churros made by the Blue team.

They also highlight that while the Red team struggled with time, the Green team struggled with the quality of chicken, and the Blue team struggled with time.

Then, Chef Ranveer announces that the Green team collected the least amount of money.

He asks Sachin what happened and he tells him that he realizes that he made the mistake of not putting the money in the cash box.

Ranveer Brar announces that the winning team is the Blue team and then tells the Red team that their food was the judge’s favorite.

They also reveal that the green team would have had a difference of 1400 if they cashed in all their money.

The fortune dish of the day was the Red team’s Sticky Chicken Bao Wow.

The chefs conclude the challenge with some encouraging words for all the home cooks.

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