Masterchef India 7 9th February 2023 Written Update, Elimination List

Masterchef India 7 9th February 2023 Written Update, Elimination List

Masterchef India 7 9th February 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 9th February 2023 episode starts with Chef Vikas welcoming the home cooks back to the MasterChef kitchen and the focus for the day is communication.

The winning team from yesterday’s challenge are safe and the remaining contestants are divided into teams of two.

The teams are Nayanjyoti and Priyanka; Nazia and Sachin and Swarna and Priya.

In today’s challenge, a wall will stand between the team members that will not allow them to see each other’s cooking procedures and dishes.

The walls in between are a test of their communication skills apart from their cooking skills.

They will get a time of 60 minutes for cooking and one winning team will get safe while the remaining will enter the Black Apron Challenge.

Before cooking begins, they get a time of 5 minutes for ideation.


For Sachin and Nazia, a problem arises even before they begin.

Since Sachin gets all the almond flour and leaves none for his teammate, Nazia, a change in the menu is made.

Priyanka and Nayanjoti’s strategy involves doing each step simultaneously in order to have perfect communication and coordination.

Nazia makes another big mistake of taking coconut instead of sugar, this requires another change in their menu.

As the chefs talk to each other, Garima adds she noticed all teams are making desserts which is a great strategy.

She adds desserts are very forgiving and easy to copy.

Swarna and Priya’s jelly has not set so she conveys to Priya a new strategy.

Ranveer asks them if they are happing presenting only 2 elements.

He shares a tip with them that in the jelly, the acidic flavour of the berries must not get overpowered by other flavours.

Nazia is on a streak of mistakes as she gets only 1 orange and while Sachin is irritated, he tells her they can make do with it

Priyanka and Nayanjyoti accurately measure everything and shout out at the top of their lungs to make sure they are audible.

Garima tells off Sachin and Nazia for such terrible communication and advice them to concentrate.

Ranveer asks Gurkirat which team looks the most unsorted and he says it’s Sachin and Nazia’s team where there is clear miscommunication.

5 minutes remain and as the Chefs discuss the miscommunication between Sachin and Nazia.

Priya faces a challenge as her mousse has set but Swarna’s hasn’t and she figures out a way to plate it to make them look identical.


The chefs call each team with their dishes to taste.
Priya and Swarna’s plates match nearly completely which impresses the judges.

On tasting the dish, Ranveer asks Priya to taste both dishes and she realizes one is sweeter than the other.

The chefs are amazed at the resemblance between Priyanka and Nayanjyoti's dishes.

When Sachin and Nazia bring their dishes, Garima asks them about the difficulties they faced.

Presentation-wise, Ranveer feels their dishes look identical but the plating is beginner-level.


The Chefs acknowledge each team's effort and struggles but appreciate the clear-cut communication between Priyanka and Nayanjyoti.

Garima announces Priyanka and Nayanjyoti to be the winner of this challenge and declares them safe.

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