Masterchef India 7 9th January 2023 Written Update, Today's Tasks, Challenges

Masterchef India 7 9th January 2023 Written Update, Today's Tasks, Challenges

Masterchef India 7 9th January 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 9th January 2023 episode starts with the top 16 entering and standing before their counters in the MasterChef kitchen.

The judges flash the Masterchef coat and the plate-shaped trophy in front of the top 16 contestants giving them shivers down their spines.

Garima tells the young chefs to recognize their strengths and weaknesses as this is their first lesson as well as their first task.

Garima then asks the contestants to look at the place placed below each of them.

The contestants find their favorite ingredient in front of them but there is a twist.

The chefs then place another plate on every contestant's counter.

This time the tables have turned and the contestants get their least favorite ingredient.

Vikaas tells the young chefs that they have to prepare a dish with the help of the two ingredients given to them in a span of 1 hour.

2 contestants will be saved from the eliminations on the basis of today's round.

The time starts.

All the contestants rush to the pantry to collect all the ingredients they need to prepare their dishes.

Meanwhile, Vikaas says that he is very excited to see how these rounds turn out as it has never happened in the MasterChef kitchen.

The chefs go to each contestant and inquire about the dishes they are preparing.

The chefs tell the contestants that they have to focus on their 2-star ingredients more than anything else.

Vikaas announces that only 15 minutes are left.

Ranveer goes to Priyanka and tells her that she is using Watermelons with Prons as her star ingredients and that to merge them, she can use 'Nori' (Seaweed).

Only 5 minutes are left but Santa’s pannacotta isn’t set yet making her teary.

Santa completes her Panacota right when there is a minute left on the countdown and she finally manages to roll it smoothly.

The time is up, time to taste the dishes.

Aruna is called up first, her favorite ingredient used in the dish is Neem Flowers and her least favorite ingredient is Soy milk.

She has prepared Neem flower Angaya Podi rice and soy milk Ugadi Pachadi.

The chefs say that the bitterness was not very balanced but the presentation and the overall dish are very good.

The chefs call Nayanjyoti next, he prepared Eclair with Cherry Compote and Bleak Eved Pea Crumb using her favorite ingredient cherry, and least favorite ingredient Lobia.

Vikaas appreciates the balance of flavors in his dish.

Garima says that his dish is mismatched but overall very good.

Santa comes next with her Pannacotta using Pomelo and mushrooms.

Ranveer says that her dish is too wobbly and says that she has neglected the usage of fat.

Kamaldeep is called next with her dish.

She has used both Bitter Groud and green apple in her dish creating a dish called Bitter ground disc stuffed with green apple compote.

Vikaas says that her dish is simply brilliant.

Garima says that her dish is very innovative and thoughtful.

Urmilla Baa, Priya, Yashu, Sachin, Dyuti, Suvarna, Priyanka, Vineet, Avinash, and Gulkirat are called to present their dishes one by one.

The judges really like Nazia’s and Deepa's dishes as they have prepared pawn dumplings and upside-down pineapple steak.

Time to announce the two winners of the round who will be saved from this week’s nominations.

The first contestant who won the round is Nayanjyoti.

There is tough competition between Gulkirat and Nazia. However, Nazia wins and saves her spot for the week.

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