Masterchef India 7 9th March 2023 Written Update, Black Apron Challenge

Masterchef India 7 9th March 2023 Written Update, Black Apron Challenge

Masterchef India 7 9th March 2023 Written Update: Master Chef India 2023

Today's Masterchef India 7 9th March 2023 episode starts with the continuation of the pizza challenge with blue and red teams.

Both teams prepare their second and third pizzas to be served in front of the guests and judges after the tasting of their first pizzas.

The blue team prepares their second pizza, their veg pizza with basil and baby spinach topped with cheese, carrying out the preparation smoothly.

The red team prepares for the non-veg pizza which is spicy mutton minced sauce pizza but struggles a bit with the handling of the oven.

The chef teaches both teams how to handle the dough and the oven so that the pizzas come out freshly cooked.

However, as Gurkirat comes to the judges with the red team's non-veg pizza, the judges show him how the crust is totally burnt and tells him such things are heavily criticized after reaching so close to the finale.

Gurkirat feels very guilty about presenting such pizzas to the judges and quickly goes inside to bring new slices again.

The blue team's veg pizza does not meet the judges' expectations as the truffle oil dominates the flavors of basil and spinach.

The red team's non-veg pizza surprises the judges with the overwhelming spiciness of the mutton sauce which is better than their first pizza.

Both teams work quickly for their last pizza which is the non-veg pizza for the blue team and the fruit pizza for the red team.

The judges find the red team's fig pizza the best from them but the blue team's grilled chicken pizza does not stand up to the judges' expectations.

The home cooks hurriedly serve all the guests and explain their flavors asking for the gold coins for one last time.

As the time gets over, the guests leave the restaurant while leaving gold coins in bowls of both blue and red teams.


The judges get ready to announce the results of the challenge after they compliment both the teams' efforts and hard work.

The red team gets 13 coins while the blue team bags victory after getting 15 gold coins from the guests.

Shanta, Aruna, and Nayanjyoti become safe while Gurkirat and Priyanka receive black aprons as Kamaldeep is safe due to her ticket to the finale.


The judges announce that this black apron challenge will be the most difficult and tricky challenge till now.

Chef Ranbir and Chef Garima tell the contestants that they need to find clues in the WB theme park which will lead them to their next location for the challenge.

The home cooks struggle a lot to find the clues by reading out the riddles but finally manage to find out the next clues leading them to the challenge.

The challenge will be continued in the next episode of Masterchef.

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