Masterchef India 8 17th October 2023 Written Update

Masterchef India 8 17th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Masterchef India 8 17th October 2023 episode starts with the second day of the auditions for the selection of contestants of MasterChef Season 8.

The judges enthusiastically greet the participants who come to give auditions and present their delicious dishes in front of them.

The first contestant to come is an 18-year-old Kenneth from Bengaluru who is a law student.

However, in his introduction montage video, Kenneth says that he wants to make his name in the world by means of food.

He serves a plate of uncluttered shawarma full of Middle Eastern spices and aromatics.

The judges taste it and ask him a few questions after which they tell him that the food he has prepared tastes very authentic.

Pooja Dhingra tells him that he doesn't give off a lawyer vibe.

Rather, he gives a chef vibe and Vikas Khanna then gives the prized, white apron to Kenneth who promises to do his best in the journey ahead while the judges talk about how the younger generation is so talented.

The second contestant is Pooja Agarkar from Mumbai, Maharashtra, who has made Kaala Masala and Kheema Laadu which the judges love a lot.

Ranveer Brar is specifically impressed by Pooja's food as she has tried to incorporate authentic Maharashtrian style and taste.

Next is Jasmine Lulla from Indore who runs a bakery and wants to extend her late husband's legacy and vision.

She presents a skilfully crafted plate of coconut confession (dessert) with raspberry macaroons that she learned from Pooja's own workshop.

Jasmine successfully gets the Masterchef apron and gets invited to the show.

The judges are next in the beautiful city of Guahwati where the first contestant to grace the stage is Fara Naaz who presents the dish named "Otenga Fish".

Farah shares her life story of how she grew up seeing her grandmother cook and has learned it from her.

However, her grandmother doesn't want her to struggle and cook all day in the kitchen.

However, Vikas reminds her about Pooja's journey who has a name even in the United States.

After they taste the dish, they all invite an emotional Fara for the competition who is overcome with gratitude.

Harsh Kedia is next from Mumbai who has been diabetic for 13 years and wants to provide sweetness to people who are diabetic so they are able to fulfill their cravings as well.

Harsh gets selected as the judges await surprises on the way.

End of today's Masterchef Season 8 17th October 2023 episode.

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