Masterchef India 8 18th October 2023 Written Update

Masterchef India 8 18th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Masterchef India 8 18th October 2023 episode starts with the home cooks continuing to impress the judges in the auditions through their tasty dishes.

The third day of the auditions starts with the entry of the first home cook named Kriti Dhiman who has come from Punjab.

She is mostly interested in baking and making cakes and her grandparents are her biggest supporters within her family.

Kriti presents a Thai Pannacotta which is a Thai dessert that looks great with its presentation.

The dish impresses the judges very much with the elements and taste which gives Kriti her MasterChef Apron.

The next participant comes from Himachal Pradesh named Nidhi Sharma who is trying to bring the taste of Himachal to her plate.

Nidhi brings the Dham culture into her dish with a mixture of flavours in her thali which makes the judges fans of her cooking.

Chef Puja compliments Nidhi's cooking and says that she has tasted such fine flavours very rare after which the judges give her the Masterchef apron as she gets selected for the next round.

Muhammad Aashiq comes from Mangalore and brings a fish dish with him which does not impress the judges that much with the texture and the proportion of the elements in the dish.

The judges decide to put his dish on hold for that moment and ask him to wait for the auditions to get over after which they will him know the verdict.

Sima Ahmed comes from Lucknow and is now staying in Kolkata with her motto of advertising the food of Awadh which has been lost in the depths with the commercialization of biryani and kebabs.

The judges taste her dish and acknowledge her fine sense of taste and cooking with the flavours of the meat which earn her the apron of selection.

Many contestants like Nilofer Menon, Avantika, and Rick Sharma come and present their dishes but the judges decide to put them on hold for the meantime as their dish has potential but is not apron-worthy instantly.

Shubhajit Sen comes back this season as he was a participant in the previous season of MasterChef and says that he has learned many things from his past mistakes.

The judges taste his fish Paturi dish and are impressed with his cooking which gives him the selection apron.

The four contestants who were put on hold are called and Rick does not go to the next round with the other three proceeding to the selection round with their aprons.

End of Today's Masterchef Season 8 Episode.

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