Masterchef India 8 19th October 2023 Written Update, Top 12 Selection

Masterchef India 8 19th October 2023 Written Update, Top 12 Selection

Today's Masterchef India 8 19th October 2023 episode starts with the selection round where the selected auditionees get the chance to earn the aprons with their names on it.

The 22 selected home cooks enter the Masterchef kitchen with all their preparations as their only motto is to impress the judges with that one dish that tells everyone about their identity.

The judges ask the contestants to get ready to cook the best dish they can as everything depends on what they decide to put on their plates as it will decide whether they get the apron of approval which will mark the start of their journey in the Masterchef kitchen and the competition.

All the home cooks try their best to serve a delicious meal for the judges but the judges suggest the home cooks serve what they are confident with.

Chef Ranbeer announces that the home cooks will cook in two batches and each batch will get 60 minutes to complete the cooking.

Only one home cook from two cooks at each counter will move forward in the competition which makes all the contestants a bit nervous.

With the clock starting, the contestants start their streak of cooking and the judges start their tour around the counters to check who is making what dish.

Chef Pooja gets excited to see a home cook planning to make a fusion dessert with Mexican elements in it and looks forward to it.

Kenneth G. tells Chef Pooja that he is planning to make a special sponge cake with unique milk layering and using berry flavours.

Chef Ranbir and Chef Vikas got interested in Shubhajit's dish where he plans to recreate the iconic Kolkata Street food dish named "Fish Kabiraji" with his own twist with a Green Tomato Kasundi dip.

With the time reaching the mark of 30 minutes, some problems arise such as Kaushalya's batter forming pores due to over-churning and others facing baking problems where the dough gets burnt after getting spilled from the frame.

The judges discuss how each home cook is planning their dishes and worry about the scenario if any of their elements are not completed within the time.

Home cooks hurry to finish their plating as the judges start the countdown and announce the finish time.

Kaushalya and Kriti present their dishes with one being a traditional malpua and another being churros.

Kriti gets to choose her name's apron at that moment and gets forward in the race of Masterchef Season 8.

Dr Rukhsaar gets selected among her and another home cook whose dish lags a little behind her unique Kashmiri flavours.

Next Kenneth G and Harish present their dishes but the judges decide to announce the results at the end.

Ayantika and another home cook also get the same response from the judges after they taste their dishes.

The east counter brings their dishes and Shubhajit gets his apron instantly with the chance to enter the competition this time.

Nikunj and Kaushalya get held by the judges in the meantime, while Kenneth and Harish both get their aprons and get selected.

End of Today's MasterChef Season 8 Episode.

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