Meet 10th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 10th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 10th April 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 10th April 2023 episode starts with Meet holding Manmeet's face while crying and telling him to wake up.

She talks about how they have only become friends recently and cries on his bed as Sarkar and others look on.

Later, at night, Meet picks up the white feather from Manmeet's neck and prays that he gets well soon while Shagun comes there and stares blankly at her.

On the other hand, Sarkar tries to console a crying Jasodha and tells her that it should be a mother who is the strongest in situations like these.

The next morning, Meet sees Manmeet waking up and rushes to call the family while Shagun wakes up and gets happy to see Manmeet awake.

Manmeet looks at Meet and recalls how she stabbed him while Sarkar asks Manmeet who was it that has the guts to stab his son in Sarkarpur.

Manmeet points towards Meet and Sarkar and Mahendra strand up but Manmeet states that he wants water that is beside Manmeet.

Sarkar questions Manmeet and he says that he could not see who it was that attacked him.

Shagun wonders why he is protecting Meet and angrily shakes Manmeet to question him.

However, Meet tells her that Manmeet is still not well fully.

Manmeet sends everyone out of the room except for Meet.

Sarkar recalls Meet talking to Manmeet and wonders out loud if Meet and Manmeet have fallen for each other.

Inside the hospital room, Manmeet tells Meet to leave but she refuses by saying that she does not want to leave him.

Manmeet angrily removes the tubes attached to his body and drags Meet against the wall telling her that her two-facades are hurting him.

Meet gets confused while he tells her that she has little time to leave Sarkarpur since his father will not leave her if he knows that it was her who tried to harm him.

She asks him what he is talking about and he tells her that he is holding back only because of the promise he made to Raj.

As Meet turns angrily, he gets shocked to see his family while Shagun tells them that she was right about her suspicion.

Sarkar drags Meet out of there while Shagun stops Manmeet from leaving the hospital room.

Jasodha grabs Meet's neck and continues shouting at her while Sarkar gives her a gun and tells her to shoot the person who tried to kill his son.

The doctors hold back Manmeet to give him an injection while Shagun leaves the room to see what is happening.

Jasodha aims at Meet while Sarkar holds her hand and shoots.

However, Manmeet comes there just then and saves Meet while telling his father that he cannot break the promise he made to Raj of protecting Meet.

Meet continues telling Manmeet that she did not attack him while he tells her that all their relationships end from now on.

He tells her to leave so that he and Shagun and live their lives.

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