Meet 10th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 10th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 10th February 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 10th February 2023 episode starts with Sarkar telling his family to celebrate tonight in light of Meet Hooda's loss and Shagun and Manmeet’s wedding.

Just then a Doli (carriage) of four people arrives at Sarkar’s house while the family looks at them in surprise. 

Inside the Doli sits Meet dressed as bride and asks them if they will not welcome her. 

Meet teases their patience and gets out of her carriage. 

She begins to dance to the “Pallo Latke” song while the Sangwan family looks at the spectacles in stunned silence. 

Manmeet tries to take her out of the house but Meet stops him, saying she understands that he wants her to take everyone’s blessings.

Manmeet asks her what game is she trying to play with them. 

Just then, Rajvardhan comes there with Babita and tells Manmeeet that this is not a game but a ritual. 

Manmeet does not understand what is happening while Jasodha also looks at them skeptically. 

Rajvardhan comes forward and hands Meet hand in Manmeet's and tells him that Meet will live with them from now on. 

Jasodha looks shocked to hear it while Meet also tells them that she is here to stay. 

Jasodha tells Meet that she is a one-day bride and can never become the daughter-in-law of the house or Manmeet’s wife. 

Meet tells her that marriage is for life and her family has also refused to keep her with them so this is her home now. 

Manmeet tries to stop her but Meet continues to tell them that she is there as this family’s daughter-in-law. 

Babita tells Meet that her mother-in-law will not accept her until she feeds her Khichdi. 

Babita tells Jasodha that Meet has won her heart by feeding this khichdi to her and will do the same with her. 

She also tells her that soon, Meet and Jasodha will become best of friends like she and Meet are. 

As Meet moves forward to feed a bite of Khichdi she has brought from home, Jasodha refuses to eat and runs so she doesn't have to eat it. 

After chasing Jasodha for a long time, Meet gets stopped by Manmeet who takes the bowl from Meet and throws it up in the air. 

However, Meet catches it before it can fall on the ground saying that she has brought it for her mother-in-law and cannot let it go. 

In the meantime, Meet finally catches up to Jasodha and sits on her lap to feed her while everyone watches in amazement. 

Meet stamps on Jasodha’s feet forcing her to open her mouth. 

The moment Jasodha’s mouth opens, Meet feeds her many spoons full of Khichdi. 

Later, Meet tells everyone that Jasodha has finally accepted her. 

After a while, Meet thinks that she will play nice with them until she gets the papers from their custody. 

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