Meet 10th July 2023 Written Update

Meet 10th July 2023 Written Update

Meet 10th July 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 10th July 2023 episode starts with Sumeet telling everyone that she has gotten married to Shlok, not Raunak.

Sumeet's revelation 

She explains that she agreed to marry Shlok but not Raunak while Raj urges Sumeet to understand that she has been married to Raunak.

Raunak also claims that he is the one who married Sumeet yet she is calling Shlok her husband which causes Sumeet to glare at him in anger.

Looking at Raj’s confused face, Sumeet confesses that she was blackmailed by Shagun to marry Raunak and at the same time, Shagun appears in front of Raj.

Shagun claims that she has committed so many crimes but Raj should look past it for the sake of her sons’ lives when Raj angrily announces that his sisters will not go to Shagun’s house.

Raj yells at Shagun for crawling her way back to their lives but he will never let Shagun destroy Sumeet’s life again.

Raunak stands there in silence, feeling humiliated by Sumeet’s accusation whereas Shagun feels angry at herself for her plan failing miserably.

When Raj grabs Vani and Sumeet’s hands to leave, he announces that he will never let his sisters stay with Shagun’s sons.

Masoom, however, removes Raj’s grip on Vani’s hand by accusing Raj of destroying Vani’s life.

She angrily shouts that Sumeet has made a mockery of every relationship because she has gotten everything so easily in her life.

As Sumeet stares at Masoom in shock, Masoom accuses her of calling someone else her husband while wearing a sindur and mangalsutra of Raunak’s name.

Masoom even claims that if Meet was alive then she would have taught Sumeet relationship values because a brother can never become a good mother.

At the same time, Vani also informs Raj that she has to go with Abhay and Masoom reveals that Vani is pregnant with Abhay’s baby.

This news causes Sumeet and Raj to gasp loudly while the guests start trash-talking about Vani and Sumeet’s characters.

Sumeet's big decision 

However, Shagun does not seem bothered by the news, instead, she feels happy, thinking she has found a way to finish her revenge.

Even Vani looks at Sumeet angrily, stating that today Sumeet has ruined her life by being childish and she falls to the ground due to stress.

Before things can get out of hand, Raj drags Sumeet away from there while Masoom pleads with Shagun to accept Vani as her daughter-in-law.

Raunak tries to stop Sumeet from leaving by telling her that he will give her all the luxury in this world but Sumeet orders him to keep his mouth shut.

In the meantime, Shagun urges Masoom not to worry as she will indeed take Vani to their house.

Shagun thinks to herself that she will find another way to get revenge as she cannot let Abhay see her true colors.

On the other hand, Sumeet pleads with Raj to let her go as she is married to Shlok now but Raj refuses by stating that no one has seen Shlok in the mandap, instead they have seen Raunak only.

He also reminds her that Shlok abandoned her by not picking up her calls while Sumeet explains that Shlok appeared in the mandap as a blessing from their parents to marry her.

Hearing this, Raj walks away from there and then Masoom enters the room only to trash-talk Sumeet about how she has become spoiled. 

After Masoom leaves, Sumeet makes up her mind to find Shlok since she needs to prove to everyone that Raj has given her the right upbringing.

Meanwhile, Punam fixes Shlok's marriage with someone named Bitty who lives next door whereas Sumeet is walking aimlessly on the road with a big show over her head.

She unknowingly takes lift from Shlok who just drops her in front of his colony and walks away.

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