Meet 10th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 10th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 10th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 10th March 2023 episode starts with everyone awaiting the match between Meet & Manmeet.

The women of Sarkarpur shame Meet for wearing clothes like boys and now entering a wrestling match with Manmeet.

Mahendra who is announcing with the mic says that girls can never compare to boys.

He also says that after Meet gets defeated, her cardboard figure will be wearing a garland made of footwear.

Meet stays nonchalant while Meghana tells Sundari that she will only support Meet.

However, Sundari reminds Meghana that they cannot support Meet publicly. Jashodha calls SP Bhaati and tells him to arrange for a spot in the hospital and an ambulance because today, Meet will be meeting a lot of injuries after Manmeet swings her in the air.

Meanwhile, before the match starts, Manmeet stops it and says that he feels as if he is committing a crime since before, no man and a woman have played equally in the wrestling arena.

He discusses a few rules with the moderator while Shagun and Jashodha get frustrated because they just want to see Meet smashed to the ground.

Meet walks over to Chanda who asks her if she mixed the itching powder or not with Manmeet's garments but Meet denies it.

Chanda gets horrified and rebukes Meet since Manmeet is a stealthy player but Meet says after her encounter with Jashodha who asked her not to play her little tricks, Meet doesn't want to mess with Manmeet unfairly.

After the discussion, Manmeet announces that for the first 10 mins, Meet is free to use her force but he won't use it.

If she can defeat him in under 10 mins, then she will be the clear winner but if she is not, then Manmeet is free to wrestle her in the next 2 mins.

Manmeet also says if Meet is still able to get up after those 2 mins, she will be the winner.

Chanda says that just like Meet, Manmeet also changed the rules just for her but it doesn't matter since Narendra and the rest of the Sangwan family members want Meet to be injured.

The tournament begins and Meet tries her level best to defeat Manmeet but he doesn't move an inch.

Rather, Manmeet swings her on the ground as Meet tries to get up but in vain.

Mahendra shouts at Manmeet to smash the "Parkati" but the moderator asks Manmeet to calm down since Round 1 is over.

Everyone laughs out loud at Meet's condition and the time finally arrives for the last 2 minutes.

A few women cheer Meet but Manmeet takes her by the legs and Meet ends up hitting her head on the ground.

Jashodha, Gunwanti, and Shagun scream in joy as Manmeet is declared the winner. Meanwhile, Chanda, Sundari, Meghana, Anuja, and Sapna silently pray for Meet to get up who is on the ground with her eyes closed.

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