Meet 10th October 2022 Written Update

Meet 10th October 2022 Written Update

Meet 10th October 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 10th October 2022 episode starts with a scared Pooja opening the door while Meet Ahlawat & the police inspectors barge into the room.

Meet tells both Pooja and Kamal that they have to inspect every room and feeling thirsty, goes toward the earthen pot to drink water.

In the flashback, Pooja hides the baby inside the pot while Kamal closes it.

Back to the present, Kamal asks Meet Ahlawat to stop the moment he goes near the earthen pot and says that the water inside is very old.

Pooja then gives Meet Ahlwat a water bottle while the inspector goes to check the closet.

However, Kamal tells the police that they are wasting their time but the police ask Kamal to shut up.

Pooja closes her eyes fearfully but the police find the closet empty.

Kamal gives fake sympathy to Meet Ahlawat as he exits with the police inspectors & tells Pooja he hid the sack containing Meet Hooda's body in the Ahlawat family's room only.

Meanwhile, Raj enters the room feeling upset while Meet Hooda's body is just under the bed.

Babita tries to console a crying Raj while Meet Ahlawat shows up.

Raj scolds Meet Ahlawat and says he won't see his face if anything happens to Meet Hooda or the baby.

Meanwhile, Meet Hooda tries to rise from the sack but her eyes are still closed and her face is full of sweat.

On the other hand, Barfi Devi goes to a club where youngsters are dancing and waving money in the air.

She then sees Neelu, standing in the center with boys surrounding her.

Barfi Devi gets shocked as Neelam goes close to a guy.

On the other hand, Kamal instructs Pooja to drag the sack containing Meet Hooda out of the Ahlawat family's room after he intentionally turns the electricity off.

Kamal then informs Pooja that he will tie Meet Hooda's body with the Ravan that will be burnt later in the evening.

Meanwhile, Neelam says she is Laila, not what Barfi Devi is calling her.

Barfi Devi tries to reason with Laila but she just throws her saree and kicks Barfi Devi out of the club.

At Dharamshala, Kamal turns the electricity off while Pooja drags Meet Hooda's body out.

Back at Chandigarh, Laila asks the bouncer to kick a confused Barfi Devi out of the club while Neelam cheers with her many boyfriends.

On the other hand, Pooja & Kamal tie Meet Hooda's body with the Ravan effigy, stating along with the evil, a good Devi will die today as well.

Just then, a tired Meet Ahlawat prays to Devi to help him find Meet Hooda while Kamal stuffs Meet Hooda's mouth with cotton.

Meet Ahlawat then runs toward the back of the effigy and screams Meet's name in frustration.

Just then, a tied Meet Hooda shows signs of life as she trembles her fingers. 

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