Meet 10th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 10th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 10th September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 10th September 2023 episode starts with Sumeet leading Shlok into the bus gradually making him sit inside after which she tells Poonam that this is the only way to bring Shlok back to his senses.

Sumeet's plan

At Shagun's, Raunak with a champagne bottle wants to celebrate Sumeet losing the task but Shagun adds that they should celebrate after Sumeet loses. 

On the other hand, after Sumeet's signal, Raj drives the bus during which the family mimics the bus accident which had happened three years back.

Suddenly, Raj screams out saying that the bus brakes have failed leading the Chowdhurys to get scared.

Shlok seated looks on numbly but silently calls out for Anand's help after which Raj stops the bus unpredictably to give an accident effect.

Ashok pretending to be Anand stands up telling that he'll not let anything happen to the family eventually leading all the Chowdhury's to get down.

The bus accident is recreated

As a result, Shlok gets flashbacks of a bloodied but selfless Anand keeping his life at stake, despite his constant pleas that he come down too.

The Chowdhurys off the bus look at Shlok who in an instant gets up and cries out for Anand while Sumeet prays to god.

On the other hand, Raunak gets restless since he thinks that Shagun will lose like always but Shagun asks him to not interfere in her plans instead.

She walks away but Raunak stubbornly admits that he'll do whatever he pleases since his goal is to attain Sumeet.

In the meantime, Shlok crying out for Anand comes out of the bus after which he gets a glimpse of Anand.

He sobs asking where was he but Anand asks Shlok to be strong for the family.

Looking at this, Sumeet tells Poonam that they'll heal Shlok after which both she and Raj go on to make further preparations. 

Shagun spoils Sumeet's plan

Amidst all this, Ashok weeps on but tells Shlok to stand up against all troubles otherwise Shagun will enslave the family. 

Soon, Shagun reaches the fake bus accident site and amidst all this, Sumeet and the Chowdhurys put up an act of being in chains and cry out for help.

This affects Shlok, leading him to say that he'll save his family while Sumeet seeing Shlok come to his senses resolves to confess that everything was made up.

However, Rajeev gets sceptical but Sumeet insists he keeps trust during which Shagun enters clapping.

Seeing Shagun, Raj goes forward but Sumeet stops him after which Shagun adds that she'll help out Sumeet by telling Shlok everything. 

The Chowdhurys beg Shagun to stop but Shagun tells Shlok that Anand is dead.

She mentions that Sumeet and others had lied to him so that he could come out of his trauma. 

Sumeet tells Shlok to not pay heed to Shagun's words but Shlok under Shagun's influence, believes that he is mad.

The family comes forward but Shagun threatens them to not come an inch forward otherwise her goons will shoot them.

Shagun walking up to Ashok, drags him to Shlok stating that he had been writing letters to him, not Anand.

She tells Shlok that he's mad adding that he must be in the mental hospital but the family state that he isn't mad.

Shlok gets mad

Shlok falls making Shagun tell Sumeet that she has finally made Shlok insane.

She laughs out stating that now the Chowdhurys will be her slaves after which she walks away.

After Shagun's departure, Sumeet, Poonam and Rajeev cryingly tell Shlok to not believe Shagun but Shlok says that he's mad.

Raunak kidnaps Shlok

Everyone gets shell-shocked during which Shlok gets up and strides forward with Sumeet following him.

On the other side, Raunak goes forward with his goons to search for Shlok.

On the streets, Raj tells Sumeet that they'll find Shlok but unbeknownst to them, Shlok hides in a hut.

Later, Raunak kidnaps Shlok while from the other side, Sumeet, Raj and Poonam notice Shlok in Raunak's car.

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