Meet 11th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 11th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 11th August 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 11th August 2023 episode starts with Shlok asking someone over the call to manage something since all the members are out in the streets now.

Suddenly Pankhudi comes in and asks Shlok about their current state and comes to know that all of it is done by Shagun.

She blames Sumeet stating that it's of no matter to her since she has a big mansion following which Sumeet suggests that all of them could stay with Raj.

Poonam immediately rejects the idea by mentioning the family's middle-class status all the while confronting Sumeet on her problem management skills.

Sumeet attempts to make her understand when Dadi gets sick and Shlok goes to fetch water.

Sumeet looking at the present condition blames herself and thinks of an idea by which she can take out Shlok's family off from the present crisis.

On the other hand on Shagun's instructions, a group of drunk goons eye Sumeet and Shlok's family adding to their worry.

One of them comes forward and tries to disrupt their way while they take an ailing Dadi, following which Sumeet kicks the goon's leg landing him up in a bucket.

The goon gets triggered and calls up the entire gang while Poonam asks for forgiveness to which the goons ask her to hand over Sumeet to them.

Poonam then stands up for Sumeet and is almost hit by a goon when Sumeet adds that she will stay on.

She tells the Chowdhurys to step back gradually blinding the goons with sand and all of them stumble to a wet cemented area.

Sumeet in all her form then hits up the goons after which the goons ask for forgiveness and run for their lives.

An elated Dadi praises Sumeet while Shlok and others enquire about the happenings getting shocked.

Poonam adds that it was nothing great but Dadi continues encouraging Sumeet after which Shlok praises her too.

Later Shlok's friend too insists Poonam seek Raj's help while a reluctant Poonam tells if this is how they manage things.

She blames Sumeet when Shlok tells her to not blame Sumeet stating that they'll stay at a hotel.

Jiju states the impossibility of it since there is zero money following which Shlok adds that he'll manage money anyhow and leaves. 

Meanwhile, Sumeet lands up at an engagement ceremony searching for some work to feed Shlok's family.

She requests to be included in some work by an uncle who finally gives her the task of washing utensils.

The uncle leaves her by herself to wash the utensils with Shlok entering the same engagement ceremony and asking for work.

He hears a man who freaks out about the singer signing off at the last moment and tries to go in but backs off after getting reminded of Raunak's contract.

Back in the kitchen, Sumeet washes the utensils uncomfortably but determinedly. 

In the meantime, Shlok is at crossroads wondering what should be done while Sumeet keeps washing utensils. 

Later at the engagement ceremony Shlok with a veil covering his face holds the microphone to sing.

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