Meet 11th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 11th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 11th February 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 11th February 2023 episode starts with Raj and Babita saying good bye to Sarkar family while Meet politely asks Manmeet if she can go to drop them outside and on seeing the behavior change of Meet, Gudwanti doubts if Meet has really changed or not.

Manmeet tells Sarkar that the reason for Meet's politeness is just to get the factory and house papers back, however, he decides to vanish her hopes soon.

Meanwhile, Raj and Babita encourage Meet to fight against Sarkar and she promises them not to leave the battle till she builds the factory in the village and frees all the women who are under Sarkar's puzzle.

Meet looks at her locket and swear on her Meet Ahlawat's while Babita asks her to take care of herself.

Meet approaches Jasodha to play the game of "ring in milk", while Manmeet laughingly asks her if she can play the game of "Aar Ya Paar'(now or never).

To this, Meet excitedly replies that she's the master of the game, all she requires is a chance to prove it.

Meanwhile, Sarkar asks Meet if she can follow all the rules and regulations set by her husband, Manmeet and Meet don't take a second to say a YES to him.

Sarkar asks Manmeet for his first desire that he wants Meet to complete, to which Manmeet says that he wants Meet to dress up the love of his life, Shagun for their wedding.

Manmeet gives an example to Meet of Narendra having two wives in his life, Imarti and Sapna where Sapna has dressed up Imarti for her wedding with Narendra, so Manmeet wants Meet to follow the same.

Meet can see the pain in Sapna's eyes for sharing her husband, Narendra with Imarti.

Meanwhile, Jasodha internally smiles and feels proud of her son, Manmeet cutting down Meet's feathers while Manmeet questions Meet if she's ready to accept his desire.

Meet starts dancing and carries the wedding outfit for Shagun, proclaiming to the Sarkar family that she will celebrate his wedding with Shagun in a fanfare way.

Jasodha tells Meet that she will never get a space of wife in Manmeet's heart as Shagun has already filled it, however, Meet tells Jasodha that she doesn't need a space as she has already got her "Meet" attached to "Manmeet".

Meet takes Shagun with her to get her ready, wherein, Shagun asks Meet if she holds no problem in sharing Manmeet with her.

Shagun also tells Meet that she has been embedded in Manmeet's heart for a long time and wants Meet to keep a distance from him.

However, Meet ignores her and internally thinks that Shagun's jealousy will be the main obstacle to putting her wedding on halt.

On the other hand, Jasodha and Sarkar think of Meet's cleverness to interrupt their lives, due to which Jasodha starts crying as nothing is left under her control.

Manmeet consoles Jasodha and promises to ruin Meet's life by giving her inhuman treatment and tells Jasodha to keep a smile on her face as her son is going to marry the love of his life.

Meet tries to put homemade cream on Shagun's face but Manmeet stops her and drags Meet to one corner while he softly applies the cream over Meet's face due to which she gets flashbacks of Meet Ahlawat.

Later, Meet asks Manmeet if he is satisfied as cream didn't show any reaction and she asks him about her glowing skin, while, Manmeet in frustration leaves the conversation.

Meet asks Shagun to apply the cream over her face but due to her jealousy, Shagun throws the bowl of cream.

Also, Meet points out the situation of Imarti holding no respect and love as she is the second wife of Narendra.

On listening to this, Shagun tells her to shut her mouth and end the conversation.

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