Meet 11th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 11th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 11th June 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 11th June 2023 episode starts with Mahendra struggling to stand straight while Shagun tries to handle him and says that she will help him in gaining the power and property of Sarkar.

After putting Mahendra into the car, Shagun tells him that she is just staying here for the sake of him and Gudwanti as she wants them to rule the house instead of Meet Hooda.

Shagun says that no one is there with Mahendra to support him while Mahendra starts screaming furiously and asks the driver to stop the car.

Mahendra gets out of the car and says that he is fed up with hearing Meet's name but Shagun tells him that he will not get anything by screaming like a maniac.

Shagun says that they will use law which is Meet's most powerful weapon as well as her biggest weakness and she already has a plan ready to fulfill their mission.

After Shagun tells Mahendra about the plan, Mahendra says that he is ready to join hands with her.

Mahendra comes back home and tells Gunwanti about their plan when Meet comes there and asks Mahendra if he went to meet Shagun.

Even though Mahendra asks Meet to get out of his room, Meet says that Mahendra should not trust Shagun as she is not a loyal person and has betrayed them before.

Later, at night, Meet puts Chiku and Suman to sleep together and Manmeet comes there with ice cream making the kids squeal happily as they dig in to eat them.

Chiku and Suman share their ice creams with each other while Manmeet notices Meet thinking about something and walk to her to know the matter.

Meet says that she is thinking of making Mahendra her business partner which shocks Manmeet but Meet justifies her decision by saying that Mahendra deserves to be a part of the business as the elder son of the family.

Manmeet says that he is with Meet in her decision after which Meet hugs him and thanks him for being with her in her every decision.

The next day, Jasodha comes to Gunwanti and asks her if she has seen Jasodha's bangles anywhere to which Gunwanti frustratingly replies that she has not stolen those bangles.

Jasodha asks Gunwanti to stop acting and suspects that she has done something while Gunwanti comes outside the house and gathers a crowd by screaming and crying.

Gunwanti tells them that her mother-in-law is torturing her by accusing her as a thief and wants her and Mahendra to leave the house.

Jasodha says that only the two of them are in the house and she would search Gunwanti's room after which they move inside to search the room.

Gunwanti shows all her belongings to Jasodha and says that Jasodha has hidden the bangle herself to accuse Gunwanti of stealing so that they have to leave the house.

After Jasodha starts showing her belongings in her room, Gunwanti sneakily keeps the bangles behind the pillow which get revealed after a bit leaving the crowd shocked.

Gunwanti tells everyone that Jasodha is intentionally doing all these things to frame her while the crowd believes in Gunwanti and gives dirty glances at Jasodha.

Meet notices the whole scene and later holds Shagun's hand in the middle of the road saying that she has stolen her bangles.

Shagun gets enraged and asks Meet why she would steal those bangles when she has everything in her life to which Meet says that Shagun always had her eyes on those bangles.

Meet hands Shagun the tickets to America and asks her to leave them alone after which Shagun raises her hand to slap Meet but she stops Shagun's hand.

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