Meet 11th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 11th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 11th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 11th March 2023 episode starts with Meet lying limp on the ground after Manmeet’s harsh blow.

All the women are emotional but still cheer for Meet to get up, with tears in their eyes after seeing her painful condition.

Meet tries to get up despite the severe pain causing her while sheer determination flickers in her eyes.

Manmeet heads to give her another blow, but he sees how Meet’s legs are wobbly, her eyes rolling as if she is about to fall.

The public cheers for Manmeet to destroy her, but she faints, lying still.

Meet suddenly sees Meet Ahlawat coming to her, tenderly saying her to wake up.

She hears his sweet voice, telling her to get up and fight against society for every female who is suffering from the chauvinistic mindset of society.

Meet slowly gets up, every part of her body in pain, but her heart is still strong enough to fight a million such blows for Meet Ahlawat.

The timer ticks to zero and as per the new rules, the referee declares Meet Hooda to be the WINNER!

The audience is shocked as everyone has expected from the start that it would be Meet who would get defeated and they themselves cannot believe their eyes.

Meghana, Anuja, Sundari, and Chanda all clap for Meet, overjoyed at her winning the match.

Mahendra tries provoking Manmeet to argue for a rematch but he simply stares at Meet and accepts his defeat in front of everyone, showing no emotion.

Shagun is helpless and whines in front of Manmeet while glaring at Meet.

While Jashodha sits down in defeat, the words of Swamiji vibrate in her ears and fears Sarkar’s reaction after knowing the winner of the contest.

Meanwhile, in the courtyard of Sarkar Mahal, Sarkaar walks from one corner to the other, waiting for a call to come disclosing the winner of the contest.

However, he gets a call from an unknown number, which he picks up quickly.

A woman talks back to him, saying that the person who is deceiving him lives in his very house, very close to him.

Sarkaar replies by asking the woman to come in front of him and not make a show of cowardice.

However, as he turns back, he finds Imarti standing in front of him, a phone in her hand.

Sarkar simply asks her to reveal who the person deceiving him is, anger bubbling inside him.

Imarti confidently tells him that it is his own wife, Jashodha, only to be tightly slapped by Sarkaar due to which she is thrown onto the floor.

He rudely says her to get up and warns her to never utter the name of Jashodha ever again.

Imarti hysterically laughs and tells him that she has proof to show him the truth in her words, which alarms him.

In the arena, Manmeet whispers to Shagun to cease worrying, as even though the match is won by Meet, they will be the ones winning the battle.

He assures her to wait for the next day of Holi, which will erase the chapter of Meet Hooda from their lives forever.

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