Meet 11th May 2022 Written Update

Meet 11th May 2022 Written Update

Meet 11th May 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet 11th May 2022 episode starts with Sharmaji promising Meet Hooda that the Pendrive will be a secret between them.

At the Rana house, Isha is looking for her phone while Shantanu mocks her that she has two missed calls from Ragini.

Isha mocks Shantanu while he warns her to talk nicely about them to the Ahlawat family.

Just then, Ragini calls her and Isha lies to her and praises Shantanu.

Further, Ragini's video calls Isha and tells her to come home for the Pagphera ritual.

After the call, Masoom shouts to Ragini and Babita that is something in the living room and calls them there.

However, the family gets surprised to see a cake there as the children of the family wish a happy mothers day to the ladies of the family.

Ragini asks about Ram while Raj sees him on the second floor and signs him to come downstairs.

However, Ram folds his hands and pleads with Raj who further lies to the family that he sent Ram for some work.

Afterward, the family celebrates mothers day while Meet Hooda wishes her mother Anubha through a call outside of the Ahlawat family.

Just then, Hawa Singh comes there and insists Meet Hooda take him inside for a glass of water.

Upon entering, Hawa Singh starts praising Meet Hooda for doing the right thing and not thinking about her relations.

Further, Hawa Singh orders Meet Hooda to arrest Raj Ahlawat for the murder of Ashok Hooda while shocking everyone with the arrest warrant.

Babita and the rest of the family get emotional while Meet Hooda feels guilty thinking that Sharmaji gave the Pendrive to Hawa Singh.

Hawa Singh reveals to the family that Meet Hooda gave them the evidence in the form of a Pendrive.

Refusing to believe Hawa Singh, Meet Ahlawat rushes to the garden to check the evidence they hid in the plant pot while Meet Hooda reveals to him that she took the Pendrive to get it checked by Sharma and doesn't know how it reached Hawa Singh.

Feeling betrayed, Meet Ahlawat accuses Meet Hooda of ruining his family and tells her that she forgot her relations after becoming a police officer.

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