Meet 11th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 11th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 11th October 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 11th October 2023 episode starts with Shlok, Sumeet, Raj and Akki coming back to India, and this leads the family to give them a warm welcome.

Poonam hugs Shlok and Sumeet, while Shlok questions Sarthak's whereabouts, leading Priyanka to lie about him going out to buy products.

On the other hand, Rajeev tries to stop the media reporters who want to talk to Shlok and Sumeet. 

Amidst all this, Poonam tells Sumeet that she has kept her promise of bringing back Shlok and Akki.

Suddenly, the reporters barge in and applaud Sumeet's bravery, further asking how was she so brave to solely go and bring Shlok home from Pakistan.

The reporters further ask Sumeet if Shlok would do the same if she was trapped in Pakistan. 

This makes Sumeet hold Shlok's hands, stating that husband and wife share equal responsibilities in a marriage and are tied by a string of love. 

Sumeet tells the reporters that Shlok can even fight against God to save her, while on the other hand, Raj and Rajeev make the reporters leave. 

Sumeet Shares Her Dream

Later, Sumeet gets ready, while Shlok hugs her from behind and tries to get romantic with her, but she runs away playfully.

Sumeet reminds Shlok that since the room is open, anyone can enter inside, but Shlok states that no one will disturb them.

After a while, Sumeet tells Shlok that she has a dream, that she wants to be true, and asks Shlok to close his eyes and imagine whatever she says. 

Sumeet then tells Shlok about a huge stadium that is full of audience and is filled up with his voice, where she is in the middle of the crowd, cheering for him. 

Shlok unhappily tells Sumeet that not all dreams come true, but Sumeet cheers him stating that he will become a superstar and she will be the superstar's wife.

Shlok then thinks to himself that he will propose to Sumeet only when their dream comes true.

Afterwards, Poonam calls Shlok and Sumeet from Bappa's visharjan, when the priest suggests doing Shlok and Sumeet's gathbandhan.

On the other hand, Shagun gets angry when a servant informs her about Sumeet and Shlok's return and this leads Raunak to hit the servant.

Back at Chaudhary's, Shlok and Sumeet's gathbandhan catches fire, thus making everyone panic. 

Seeing this, Pankhudi terms it as a bad omen, but Raj asks her to not believe in such superstitions. 

Another incoming big trouble

Sumeet states that no power can separate Shlok and her, while on the other hand, Poonam asks the priest to check the couple's horoscopes once.

After a while, the priest tells Poonam that Shlok and Sumeet are to have big trouble, adding that they shouldn't see the full moon.

The priest further insists on getting Shlok and Sumeet remarried, and amidst this, Rajeev suggests Raj get married to Priyanka too. 

Anju gets excited and says she will do all the chores, while Raj tells everyone that he will wholeheartedly do kanyadan.

In the meantime, Sumeet tells Shlok about her knowing who is going to trouble them, adding that she has found the truck driver who took Shlok to Pakistan. 

Elsewhere, Pankhudi tries to gain fake sympathy from Raj, but seeing Priyanka she walks away.

Raj pulls Priyanka closer and Pankhudi feels jealous, thinking that she has to replace Priyanka in Raj's life. 

Outside, Shlok and Sumeet get hold of the truck driver and fool him, stating that if he tells them that he worked According to Shagun's plans, he will be famous.

The truck driver agrees, leading Sumeet to call the police further stating that she and Shlok want to file a complaint against the person who had sent Shlok to Pakistan. 

However, the police mention that the culprit is arrested, and saying so, Sumeet and Shlok see Shagun lead-in by a female policeman.

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