Meet 12th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 12th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 12th April 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 12th April 2023 episode starts with Shagun suspiciously watching the girl dressed hidden behind Mother Kaali's portrait, talking with a similar accent.

She stops her from entering inside to which the girl speaks out in a high-pitched voice, explaining to Shagun that it is not right to stop someone while entering a house.

The girl says that she needs to meet Manmeet to which Shagun says that she is Manmeet's wife.

However, the girl calls Shagun funny and tells her to let her pass through.

Jasodha states that she must be the nurse sent by the hospital and tells Shagun to let her through.

Shagun demands to see her face while the nurse states that she has a rule of putting the picture of the Lord in the patient's room before showing her face.

Shagun tells her to leave but Jasodha scolds Shagun and lets the nurse in.

The nurse enters and puts a tilak on Manmeet's forehead while hanging the picture of the Lord on the wall.

The nurse namaskar's the family members and introduces herself as Minakshi with a long last name.

Flashback shows Meet overhearing the people at the Akhada (wrestling ring) talk about the hospital sending a nurse named Minakshi to take care of Manmeet.

Back in the present, Anuja brings different juices for everyone while Meet rushes and grabs the orange juice for Manmeet.

Shagun gets doubtful and questions her about how she knew that Manmeet likes orange juice.

Meet tells her that as a nurse, she learns about the patient's likes and dislikes before treating him.

She mocks Shagun for asking childish questions and insults her by saying that Manmeet must have liked her only for her face.

On the other hand, Sarkar tells the villagers that he will reward anyone who brings Meet to him.

A man comes forward and takes him to the Akhada revealing that he met Meet there.

At the same time, Meet sends Geeta Minakshi's pictures and tells her to be careful that Sarkar or anyone else does not reach her.

As she turns around, she gets shocked to see Manmeet standing there.

Back at the Akhada, Sarkar sees Meet's watch on a wrestler and questions him.

The man reveals that he works the night shift at the hospital and exchanged information about Manmeet's nurse to Meet in exchange for the watch.

Mahendra tells Sarkar that Meet must be planning to attack Manmeet again.

At the Sarkar mansion, Meet introduces herself to Manmeet and tells him that she is his nurse.

Manmeet stumbles due to weakness just then and she takes him back to his room while giving him medicines.

To get answers, Meet tells Manmeet that she is confused as to how a tiny woman could harm a giant like him.

Manmeet tells her that it is possible since he trusted her and was unsuspecting of her attack.

Before Meet can ask more, Shagun comes there and tells her to leave since she is there to take care of Manmeet.

Shagun sits beside Manmeet and shows him their childhood toys, reminding him that they loved each other since childhood.

Meet comes back with soup and convinces Shagun to leave by making the excuse that Manmeet has pimples that are infectious.

Fearing for her beauty, Shagun leaves and Manmeet questions Meet why she is still there.

Meet tells her that it is his duty and tells him that he should speak out his inner thoughts and feelings as it will help him heal faster.

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