Meet 12th August 2022 Written Update

Meet 12th August 2022 Written Update

Meet 12th August 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 12th August 2022 episode starts with Manjari wasting seven minutes patching the flat tire.

However, despite their best efforts, the doctors tell Meet Ahlawat that Deep is no longer alive.

When Meet Ahlawat learns this, he is devastated and immediately loses his balance since he finds it unbelievable.

Manjari makes it to the hospital in time, and Babita, Tej, and Ragini see that Manjari was the one who drove the ambulance.

Manjari tells Raj who she really is before the medical professionals and Raj enter the operating room.

The revelation that Meet Hooda had been impersonating Manjari all along has startled the Ahlawats.

She informs Raj that she will be waiting for him to return with a bang.

Meanwhile, Meet Ahlawat decides to tell Barfi Devi the terrible news and goes to to her house.

Meet Ahlawat becomes distraught as she views Deep's photo and finds a means to share the tragic news of Deep's passing.

Babita apologizes for separating Meet Hooda from Meet Ahlawat and gives her a hug upon returning to the hospital.

Ragini is concerned about Meet Hooda's genuine motivation for impersonating Manjari.

Meet Hooda asks everyone to be patient with Manjari until she succeeds in finding her son.

When Meet Hooda reveals the truth about Manushi's dishonest politics, Babita, Ram, Ragini, and Tej are shocked to learn of all this.

Knowing Masoom sank so low that she plotted to ruin her own brother's happiness, angers Tej and Babita.

Manushi's separation of her own sister's child from his mother is one of the reasons Meet Hooda says she hates her.

Once everything is in order, Meet Hooda intends to inform Meet Ahlawat of this information.

Soon, everyone is filled with joy when they learn that the surgery was a success and Raj is safe.

Babita is in awe of Meet Hooda's bravery and expresses her gratitude to her for expanding her family.

Meet Ahlawat decides to take Barfi Devi to the hospital after he is unable to inform her of Deep's death on his own. There, he shows Barfi Devi the body of Deep.

When Meet Ahlawat assures Barfi Devi that he will carry out Deep's obligations as a son and brother, she collapses in shock at the sight of Deep in such a situation and becomes inconsolable.

On the other hand, when Babita blesses her, Meet Hooda expresses her excitement over bringing Junior Ahlawat back to the Ahlawat house.

Meet Hooda is overjoyed and races to get her son back.

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