Meet 12th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 12th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 12th February 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 12th February 2023 episode starts with Anuja breaking a glass by mistake and erupting into a cry as the glass breaks in front of Manmeet.

She bends to pick it up as a tear rolls down her eye along with Meghana.

However, Manmeet rebukes her softly for bending and picking it up herself.

Anuja says that as a girl, she is used to the scolding of other men in the family and also getting punished for it.

Meghana tells Manmeet that they know he is different then why he is acting so rude and strict for Meet Hooda.

Manmeet's jaw tightens as he lets both his sisters know that he cannot bear anyone defaming his father or mother.

Meghana asks him what if someone does exactly the same when they get married and Manmeet doesn't hesitate to say that if a boy treats them like this, he will twist his bones and jaw, both.

After telling Meghana and Anuja to go, Meet comes to get Manmeet to Shagun's room.

Shagun is trying on her blouse in the room along with Gudwanti but it rips apart as Shagun complains she doesn't want to do it.

Meet implies and tells Manmeet that Shagun is having second thoughts about marriage while she asks Manmeet to stay quiet so she is able to hear what both the sisters are talking about.

As Manmeet stands still, Meet peeps inside by pressing one palm of her hand against his chest. H

owever, Manmeet realizes Meet's intentions and goes to Mahendra to ask him to order a lot of alcohol for the marriage.

Meanwhile, Jasodha makes a plan to trap Meet Hooda in a room along with Gudwanti and another one of her daughters-in-law.

She tells Meet to look for a gold earring that Manmeet brought for Shagun and with this excuse, she locks her up inside.

Meet tries to shake the door but finds Manmeet inside as well.

Manmeet gets scared as Meet lets out a squeal while he says he is here to find his "pagdi" (groom's head piece).

Meet tells him that she is here to find the earring he gifted Shagun while Manmeet calls her a liar.

Manmeet makes an idea to fire the crackers so the family is able to hear them while Meet taunts him to not use his wrestler's brain.

However, Manmeet asks Meet not to fake getting scared by firecrackers as Meet is a girl who can even light up the firecrackers in her mouth and then swallow them.

As the firecrackers make noise, Meet grabs Manmeet, and Jasodha and others rush to see what is going on inside.

Later, Manmeet mixes alcohol in the drinks and tells Gudwanti to make Meet wear them.

While Meet makes Shagun wear an anklet upon Manmeet's request, Manmeet tells Shagun that his first wife belongs in Shagun's feet while the other resides in his heart.

Just then, Gudwanti comes up with the drink and offers it to Meet.

However, Meet offers it to Shagun first but Gudwanti widens her eyes and tells Shagun not to drink it.

Manmeet leaves after giving Meet lipstick to be applied over Shagun's lovely lips and Meet switches the drink and gives Shagun the one Gudwanti gave her.

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