Meet 12th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 12th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 12th June 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 12th June 2023 episode starts with a heated conversation between Meet and Shagun.

Meet asks Shagun to leave forever handing her a ticket for America.

She strikes back with an attempt to slap Meet, but Meet stops her.

Meanwhile, Shagun gets a call from her son asking her to come back because he misses her.

Shagun assures him that she will be back and hangs the call while Meet then asks Shagun to go back to her family instead of always thinking about revenge.

She makes a flamboyant exit while Shagun warns her about the consequences Meet will have to face now that she had tormented Shagun in the market.

Meet sets off on a bike with Sumeet but knocks out a man on the street.

He is a bully who blusters Meet along with a few men for being the female “sarkar”.

However, Meet boldly handles this prejudice by getting off the bike and grabbing a cudgel to scare the men.

All of them get scared off Meet and hide behind sarees that were hanging while Meet justifies that being a “Sarkar” is a position of responsibility that doesn’t have a gender.

On the other hand, Gunwanti is talking on the phone about “commencing the plan” to frame Jasodha.

She goes to the stove and lights her saree on fire, chasing down the hallway screaming for help.

Jasodha quickly rushes to her trying to extinguish the fire, while Gunwanti holds her hand and accuses her of not trying to save her.

Meanwhile, all the people from the neighborhood gather around to see what’s happening.

Gunwanti then openly accuses Jasodha of attempting to kill her and says that she tortures her.

Both Jasodha and Sarkaar are shocked to see Gunwanti lie hysterically.

Just then, Mahendra comes home and finds that Gunwanti’s saree is on fire and she is screaming at the top of her lungs for help, but no one is doing nothing.

Mahendra quickly rushes to extinguish the fire and openly accuses Jasodha of attempting to kill Gunwanti in front of everyone.

Manmeet and Meet arrive at the scene and they were shocked to find out what was happening.

Poor Jasodha nods her head in disbelief and is too shocked to say that this is all an act pulled by Gunwanti.

Manmeet and Meet along with Jasodha and Sarkaar rush to the hospital where Gunwanti is admitted.

They see cops taking statements from the people of the neighborhood about the incident that had happened.

A lady agrees and says that she saw Jasodha’s hand getting burned so it is her who has done everything.

Manmeet on hearing this gets furious and asks her not to spread rumors about this situation.

He believes that his mother would never do such a thing where a person, especially her daughter-in-law to get injured by her.

Meet then justifies that the burn might be from Jasodha trying to save Gunwanti instead of her setting Gunwanti on fire.

The cops warn both of them that the case is already filed and will continue in court and they arrest Jasodha ignoring the lies that Gunwanti has set to frame her.

Meet pleads in front of Mahendra to let her talk to Gunwanti as Jasodha is being arrested for no claims at all.

She forces herself inside the room despite Mahendra not allowing her to enter it.

She finds Gunwanti on the hospital bed and was extremely heartbroken to see her in a miserable condition.

Gunwanti inculpates her family members for the position that she is in currently.

Meanwhile, Shagun blames the entire Sangwan family for her sister’s condition stating that she would send everyone to jail for attempting to kill Gunwanti. 

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