Meet 12th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 12th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 12th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 12th March 2023 episode starts with Shagun sobbing in front of Manmeet as she knows that now Meet would always stay with them.

Manmeet is about to console her but he notices SP Bhati standing a little away from him.

He deliberately tells Shagun loudly that even though Meet Hooda has won, his plan for the next day would make Meet tremble in fear and leave Sarkarpur forever.

Saying this he takes Shagun with him for a stroll into the village, knowing that the SP has been provoked.

On the other hand, Chanda tends to Meet’s bruises with Meet reacting every time she applies ointment on her face.

The atmosphere is light and playful when SP Bhati arrives at the place.

He advises Meet to stay in the Ahlavat house for some days till she has recovered, warning her that Manmeet would try to harm her in some or the other way in his anger.

Meet politely refuses the suggestion, saying that even if the members of Sarkar Mahal hate her, she will continue with her purpose till she didn’t succeed.

She requests him to drop him in the “cave” (Sarkar Mahal) to which SP Bhati readily agrees.

Meanwhile, Sarkar is shocked to see the factory papers with Manmeet’s signature on them, along with the video of Jashodha and Meet talking about the factory papers.

He shoos Imarti out of the room and tries to recollect what just happened.

What follows is rage and anguish boiling up inside him, feeling the betrayal from Jashodha.

He devises a plan to teach Jashodha a lesson the next day on Holi.

Jashodha, unaware of Sarkar’s plans, is shaking in fear, knowing that Meet Hooda wouldn’t leave them now.

Gunwanti tries to console her, but Jashodha is even more scared to know the reaction of Sarkar when he gets this news.

 Sarkaar chastises Manmeet for having been defeated by a woman.

However, Manmeet confidently tells him that he has a brilliant plan in his mind which would toss “Parkati” from Sarkar Mahal forever.

It is revealed that Manmeet plans to divorce Meet by proving in front of the court that she has an extramarital affair going on with SP Neeraj Bhati.

Sarkar is impressed hearing this plan and embraces him.

Just then, Jashodha and Gunwanti arrive at the place and are surprised to see father-son hugging each other.

Sarkar feels the anger inside him rising upon seeing Jashodha, but he shows no emotion and simply says that Manmeet has shown grace on “Parkati” by accepting the defeat.

Jashodha is relieved at hearing this, but Gunwanti feels sad for Shagun’s helpless condition.

Manmeet assures them to not worry and that the next day of Holi would be Meet’s last day in Sarkar Mahal.

Later, Gunwanti consoles Shagun who tears up thinking about the match, telling her that Manmeet has already planned a way to remove Meet from their house.

She further tells her that knowing Manmeet and his father, he will surely stay true to his words and bring Shagun as his bride into his house with great pomp which makes Shagun feel a little better.

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