Meet 12th November 2022 Written Update

Meet 12th November 2022 Written Update

Meet 12th November 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 12th November 2022 episode starts with Meet Hooda talking to the inspector and asks him to give all details to her about Neelam.

Meanwhile, Raj and Ram are interrogating the driver about the incidents of yesterday evening.

The driver tells them that first Meet Hooda was told to be dropped home by Meet Ahlawat however Meet Hooda didn't go home.

The driver also mentions that Meet Hooda looked terrified and scared.

After the driver leaves, Ram and Raj are discussing the driver's narrative and find nothing wrong.

Unknown to them, Masoom has heard the conversation and is now convinced that Meet Hooda was somehow involved in the kidnapping.

Masoom further tells herself that if she finds out where Meet Ahlawat is being kept she could convince Raj to give her a part of the property.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Babita is lost in recalling Meet Hooda's words.

Ragini sees this and comes hurriedly inside and consoles Babita and tells her to not fall weak at this crucial moment.

Babita prays to God to safely return Meet Ahlawat back home safe and sound.

Babita then says that she has to stay strong for Neelam and her unborn child.

Ragini tells Babita that she will ensure that Neelam eats so that her child is not harmed.

Meet Hooda sees Ragini and offers to take the food to Neelam's room instead of Babita.

Meet Hooda enters Neelam's room and recalls last night's events when Neelam hugged Meet Ahlawat.

She asks Neelam where she was last night and why did Neelam visit the Temple so early in the morning.

Barfi Devi comes there and berates Meet Hooda for interrogating Neelam.

Barfi Devi sees Babita and calls her inside the room to show how Meet Hooda is misbehaving with Neelam.

Meet Hooda begins to offer an explanation when Babita rudely stops her and tells her to not interrogate Neelam.

Babita asks Meet Hooda why did she not reveal Meet Ahlawat's obsessed lover to Neelam, and why she didn't lodge a complaint with the police.

Babita then throws Meet Hooda out of the room and consoles Neelam and feeds her the soup.

Barfi Devi tells herself that she needs to wake up Laila inside of Neelam to know about Meet Ahlawat's location before Meet Hooda reaches Meet Ahlawat.

Barfi Devi then takes Neelam to the garden and starts humiliating Neelam.

She tells Neelam that nobody loves her and everyone only pities her because of Meet Hooda.

Finally, Laila comes out and pushes Barfi Devi.

Barfi Devi asks where Meet Ahlawat is because Meet Hooda already knows the location of Meet Ahlawat.

Laila then vows that she will never let Meet Hooda find Meet Ahlawat and sits in the car and drives off.

Meet Hooda sees Neelam in the car and follows her as she feels only Neelam can take her to Meet Ahlawat.

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